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25 Gift Ideas Under $10 I'd Be Happy to Receive

...and made a list out of the top few results. I might like two or three of the items and then have no idea why some of the other ones were even on the list. This is a list that addresses both of those problems. It's a list of gifts that cost $10...
Family carries heavy breast cancer burden

Of the 10 girls born into the Ficklin family of Warrenton, Ga., five have been diagnosed with breast cancer and one has already died.
Jeff Gordon takes Michigan race for third win of year

...seconds in his No. 24 Chevrolet."Joey, as we rolled up to some of the restarts ? not that last one, but some of the other ones ? as guys were starting to sort of anticipate it, he was slowing down, and when he slowed down, everybody got bottled...
Changes to the NASCAR schedule might not happen

...don't have some ideas on how to shake things up."I'd turn some of those tracks into Wednesday night races, and the other ones would be Saturday night or sometime Sunday afternoon when it made sense," Ryan Newman said. "I'd give us a little...
Big trees compete with grass, plants for water

Sometimes big trees and nice grass just don't mix. The same can be said for big trees and other plants we try to grow near them, including landscape trees, shrubbery, annuals and perennials.
Spain's Marc Marquez setting the pace in Moto GP ranks

...straightaways that Marquez and Pedrosa gobbled up at a blistering pace."Maybe this track was a little easier than the other ones. We know the other races will be different," Marquez said.His challengers will be happy to get Marquez out of...
World Cup roundup: Costa Rica beats Italy in another stunner

...there are a lot of people who didn't have faith in us because we were in the 'Group of Death.' But the dead are the other ones and we're going to the next round," Ruiz said.Italy can still advance with a win or even a draw with Uruguay...
Expect rain-related issues with grass

Guess what it is doing outside while I write this on Monday? Raining, of course. I can't think of the last time I have seen so much rain over an eight-day period of time. Since Sunday night, June 2, I have gotten 9.4 inches of rain ? and that doesn't count Monday's deluge!We desperately needed the rain when it came because we were bone dry, but since we have gotten so much of it, certain problems could be showing up in the lawn and landscape.
Former Ryder Cup player Oliver Wilson is tied for the lead at St. Andrews

...qualified for, so you play in a lot of events, but realistically do you think you're going to win?"Probably not the other ones. The Senior Amateur I thought I could win. I thought I had enough game to win. But to do it is something else because...
Georgia Regents University keeps campus consolidation plans open

A consultant ranked Au­gusta's Mills District proposal last among options for the expansion of Georgia Regents University. But officials plan to start from scratch in an upcoming master plan, which could put the mills back in play.