Watch out, Northerners, here comes the kudzu

...the fire aunts, killer bees, armadillos and giant pythons sure to follow.Especially the pythons. PASSING ON: The New York Times noted on Wednesday the passing of Arthur Smith in Charlotte.Smith, 93, a native of Clinton, S.C., and a...

Media members make their picks

...striker not to have won a majorCam Cole, Vancouver Sun | Jason Day - The haircut changes everythingKaren Crouse, The New York Times | Sergio Garcia - Course that's been so cruel to him finally cedes to his charmsGary D'Amato, Milwaukee Journal...

On, Wisconsin!

...mainstream-media cheerleaders would prefer you didn't know about Wisconsin's turnaround under conservative leadership.The New York Times, for example, devoted an entire 10 lines of space to Walker's $504 million tax cut plan, which will let the...

Allegations of horse abuse focus on acclaimed trainer Steve Asmussen, assistant

...shocker to make horses run faster.Tulsa, Okla., attorney Clark Brewster, who represents Asmussen and Blasi, told The New York Times the men will reserve comment until they've had time to fully review the accusations and would then respond factually...

Getting it right when we're wrong

No one likes mistakes, but it's important for a newspaper to correct them.

Rants & Raves

...edition, and a rave for Brauer for speaking the truth. Why doesn't The Chronicle have any liberal columnists? The New York Times has both liberal and conservative columnists, even though their editorials favor the liberal point of view. Are...

The opposite of perestroika

...Review. "In his new book, Fighting for the Press (CUNY Journalism Press, 2013), Goodale, chief counsel to The New York Times when its editors published the Pentagon Papers in 1971, argues that President Obama is worse for press freedom than...

Cleveland Browns' CEO, GM leaving in team's latest shakeup stunner

...be taking on much more than a rookie pass-rusher.Sam declared Sunday that he is gay in interviews with ESPN, The New York Times and Outsports. The Missouri All-American had already come out last August to his coaches and teammates, who respected...

News organizations sometimes try, but fail to keep NSA's secrets

...public-interest reporting on highly secret U.S. programs.In some cases, prominent newspapers including The New York Times quickly pulled down government records they published online and re-censored them to hide information they accidentally...

Missouri's Michael Sam says he's gay

...gay, and the defensive end could become the first openly homosexual player in the NFL.In interviews with ESPN, The New York Times and Outsports that were published Sunday, Sam said his teammates and coaches at Missouri have known since August...