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Anant Mandawat: Drug combo gives melanoma patients hope

For patients with advanced melanoma, a disease that for decades has been stubbornly resistant to treatment, a combination of two medications may be a game-changer.
Catheter procedure can help stroke victims

A new study in the New England Journal of Medicine shows that a catheter-based procedure could help many people having a stroke.
Race to the bottom

This is the solution the White House is pushing on Georgia and South Carolina taxpayers?
New drug might help heart failure

A study in the New England Journal of Medicine reports a new medication might help patients with heart failure live longer.
Bionic pancreas controls blood sugar

A new study in the New England Journal of Medicine describes the success of a new way to control sugar levels using an implantable device and an iPhone.
Gene discovery holds promise for heart disease treatment

Since the introduction of statins in the late 1980s, doctors have been looking for a new medicine to further lower the risk of heart disease. A new study in the New England Journal of Medicine may have found it using genetics.
Millions gain health coverage, but Georgia lags behind, reports show

...particularly for the poor.The report today from The Commonwealth Fund follows research it reported last week in the New England Journal of Medicine that an estimated 20 million people gained coverage. In the new report, looking at those it considers...
Who pays your doc? Coming soon to a site near you

Nearly 95 percent of U.S. physicians accept gifts, meals, payments, travel and other services from companies that make the drugs and medical products they prescribe, according to the "New England Journal of Medicine."
Nothing to celebrate

If the law is allowed to stand as-is, many Americans will jettison Obamacare once they discover that its inherent flaws make free-riding safer than ever.
Wall Street Focus: Combating diabetes

The world's largest drugmakers recently received some good news. A new class of diabetes drugs was found not to increase the risk of heart attack and stroke - deadly side effects which have plagued some older diabetes treatments.