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Living briefs

...home-improvement projects that can be done for less than $1,500. BIRTHDAYS TODAY'S BIRTHDAYS: Host John McLaughlin (The McLaughlin Group) is 79. Comedian Eric Idle is 63. Composer Vangelis (Chariots of Fire) is 63. Singer Bobby Kimball of Toto...
Life & style
Navigator: Sailing the cyberseas of the Smudge Report is full of direct slaps at Drudge's style: "Report Finds Many of the Fights on 'The McLaughlin Group' Are Staged!", "Ken Starr Indicts President for Not Paying Legal Bills Incurred From Defending Himself Against...
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Wrestling real for those who believe

...cartoon characters in skin-tight shorts and face-covering masks are to sports what Jerry Springer topics are to the McLaughlin Group. This is a grapplin' soap opera, if you will, continued weekly with changing plot lines and evolving characters...
Other sports
Usenet still around, less congested than the Internet

...before posting -- Usenet features some of the least-enlightened debate you'll find anywhere outside, well, The McLaughlin Group or The Jerry Springer Show. If you'd rather not witness how bigoted, ill-tempered and uninformed your fellow...
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Reagan miniseries dispute grows, but will CBS suffer?

...more pointed. "Advertisers will bail on CBS' anti-Reagan movie," commentator Pat Buchanan predicted on "The McLaughlin Group" Sunday. Two days later, a conservative media watchdog group announced a boycott call-to-arms. But CBS...