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Entertainer plans to bring fresh material to Bell show

...Mr. Foxx. He's an alum of the legendary Fox network sketch comedy show In Living Color and currently stars on The Jamie Foxx Show, the highest-rated series on the WB Network (which has no affiliate in Augusta). He's not much of a golf...
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In the know

...Harris is 52. Actor Judd Nelson is 43. Comedian Jon Stewart is 40. Actress Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon (NYPD Blue, The Jamie Foxx Show) is 36. Singer Dawn Robinson (En Vogue, Lucy Pearl) is 34. YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY: You're bubbling over with...
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Key Oscars prizes remain uncertain

...including a Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild award. A few years ago, the actor was best known for his TV sitcom "The Jamie Foxx Show" and his role as a randy guy named Bunz in the 1997 raunchy sex comedy "Booty Call." His two nominated performances...
'Noah's Ark' gives NBC a boost

...Your Love, WB, 3.0 97. The Steve Harvey Show, WB, 2.9 98. Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, WB, 2.8 98. The Jamie Foxx Show, WB, 2.8 98. Rescue 77, WB, 2.8
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Shooting coverage dominates ratings

...NBC, 3.4 93. Charmed, WB, 3.2 93. The Steve Harvey Show, WB, 3.2 95. For Your Love, WB, 3.1 96. The Jamie Foxx Show, WB, 3.0 97. Dawson's Creek, WB, 2.9 97. Felicity, WB, 2.9 99. Star Trek: Voyager, UPN, 2.6...
Lewinsky special gives ABC a sweep

...88. Star Trek: Voyager, UPN, 3.7 89. 7th Heaven: Beginnings, WB, 3.1 90. Felicity, WB, 3.0 90. The Jamie Foxx Show, WB, 3.0 92. Clueless, UPN, 2.9 92. Moesha, UPN, 2.9 92. Sister, Sister, WB, 2.9 95. Smart Guy...
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Nielsens: Schroder helps ABC win

...Felicity, WB, 2.6 100. Moesha, UPN, 2.6 100. 7 Days, UPN, 2.6 103. For Your Love, WB, 2.5 103. The Jamie Foxx Show, WB, 2.5 103. The Wayans Brothers, WB, 2.5 106. Clueless, UPN, 2.1 106. Hyperion Bay, WB, 2.1...
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'Soul Food' awarded five NAACP Image Awards

...Hammond, "Soul Food." 7. TV COMEDY: "Living Single," Fox Network. 8. TV COMEDY ACTOR: Jamie Foxx, "The Jamie Foxx Show," WB Network. 9. TV COMEDY ACTRESS: Erika Alexander, "Living Single." 10. TV COMEDY SUPPORTING ACTOR...
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`Cinderella' magical for ABC

...112.Unhappily Ever After, WB, 2.3 113.Head Over Heels UPN, 2.1 114.Alright Already, WB, 1.8 115.The Jamie Foxx Show, WB, 1.6 115.The Parent 'Hood, WB, 1.6 117.Nick Freno: License to Teach WB, 1.5 118.The Tom Show...
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NBC hits home run with World Series coverage

...Clueless Special, UPN, 2.6 101.(X)Hitz Special, UPN, 2.6 103.(X)Moesha Special, UPN, 2.5 104.The Jamie Foxx Show, WB, 2.4 105.The Parent 'Hood, WB, 2.2 106.Unhappily Ever After, WB, 2.0 107.Nick Freno: Lic...
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