REITs and rising rates: Pushing against conventional wisdom

...the ClearBridge Tactical Dividend Income fund. "People think, 'The Fed is raising rates, it's time to head for the hills.'"Earlier this year, it looked like a big downturn may be on the way. A strengthening job market was raising optimism...

Ernie Els | The Masters

...it all for a few days. Els will try to be more careful with pastimes Posted: 04/05/06 A few treks up and down the hills of Augusta National Golf Club last month and a busy week of practice have Ernie Els confident his injured knee is almost...

Sonny Seiler, owner of mascot Uga, reflects on his experiences at Augusta National

...ago.Seiler and Swann start each day at No. 2 before venturing to the clubhouse umbrellas to search for old friends.The hills are harder on his body now. The crowds are thicker. The patrons are more difficult to see between.But at least once...

Tiger Woods still sees chance for jacket

...don't have quite the same roll out, and especially some of the downhill putts. We left a couple short coming down the hills and so you've got to make the adjustments. And our group didn't really do a very good job of it."

My mother prescribed aspirin for whatever ailed her children

...Little Pharma compared to the wares of today's educated healers, but she had her own ways of keeping us kids alive in the hills back home.How can I be sure? Under her care, I never saw the inside of a hospital, but as an adult I know practically...

Minnesota hunter's request draws notice in state legislature

...younger days I could sit almost all day long, now I can sit maybe two hours," Krog wrote. "The windfalls are higher and the hills are steeper."The Legislature gets consumed by big numbers ? a $40 billion budget, millions of dollars in new spending...

Local men honored for being in First Special Service Force

...Italy, and surprise a German unit."My dad's brigade quickly jumped off the beachhead and ran several miles into the hills to hold the high ground, but was soon told to retreat because they were overstretching the Army's limits," Caskey...

Pathfinder rover may `head for the hills' if battery holds out, NASA says

...examine more rocks, roll back to the Pathfinder to see whatever may have stuck to a magnetic ramp and then "head for the hills." "The goal, then, is one of exploration," he said. "Eventually get to the top of the hill and look over the...

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Maybe I can't run 13.1 miles

...Rather than a slow and steady run the entire course, I plan to run the flat parts of the course, do a very slow jog up the hills, and walk down every hill. When I run downhill, I gain speed, which lengthens my stride. It also increases the downward...

Kirby: No matter the spelling, crape myrtle thrives here

...Taylor and Margaret Jewett Taylor sent two cards from the hills around the Blue Ridge Parkway and Linville Falls. They...from Everett Fernandez:Two good old boys from back in the hills, loved to fish and thought they'd try some of the ice...