Who guards the guardians?

...Consider the system's lack of accountability and responsibility:? There are no analyses or audits of GAL bills, yet the guardians themselves have the power to hold clients in contempt to recover their fees.? No diploma or degree is required to be...

More parents complain of guardian ad litem billing

...message Aug. 7, nine months after the guardian was appointed to make a recommendation...she questioned Trisha Vautaw, the guardian's billing coordinator, a week...temporary protective order against the guardian Sept. 23. It alleged that Kendrick...

Guardian ad litem program faces scrutiny

...deferred "all comment about the guardian ad litem program" to Superior...whether training policies are met, the Guardian Ad Litem Association, dissolved...be managed on a small level for the guardians to attend training regularly...

Ramblin' Rhodes: 'Grand Ole Opry' music star Hamilton was a class act

...He performed in Augusta many times, especially after his early 1960s hit single Abilene.Dave Laing, writing for The Guardian newspaper in London, noted that Hamilton was the first artist to record a song of Canadian singer/songwriter Joni...

Nine Financial Questions to Discuss When Your First Child Is on the Way

...decisions for you?8. Who will be the guardians of our child if we can't do so...should specifically discuss:+ Will the guardian(s) care for my child in a way...treat the child with love.+ Is the guardian willing to take on that role...

Scandal, sex, post-it art: Censorship accusations as Google cuts search results in Europe

...British media outlets, including the Guardian newspaper and public broadcaster...so far the numbers are small: The Guardian cited six articles, the BBC said...author James Ball wrote on the Guardian's Web site.

News organizations sometimes try, but fail to keep NSA's secrets

...accidentally exposed. On one occasion, the Guardian newspaper published an NSA document...to copies of documents and, in the Guardian's case, an incomplete understanding...might have exposed an NSA target, the Guardian said it had checked the document...

Our rights under siege

...reported that the NSA hacks into 500,000 American buddy lists and 600,000 American address books every day, and The Guardian of London reported last week that the NSA seizes 200 million American text messages every day. This is in addition...

Who guards the guardians?

...reveals two huge, fundamental and scary problems with the "guardian ad litem" program that provides supposedly objective...to defended the GAL program by noting that many of the guardians perform much more work than they bill the parties for...

Amateur night, every night

...pointed it out."Soon after, I think that they talked to their bosses, and realized that it was not OK," he told The Guardian, adding that they appeared to be "very junior people."Can the White House find some competent, seasoned adults...