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I missed camp, but I found a peanut

Summer's in full swing. The rains, worthy of the deluge in the final chapter of The Grapes of Wrath, finally have abated. Lawns can be mowed. Kids are away at camp. I stare out my office window and sigh. Once again, no summer...
Church hymnals' choices of patriotic selections vary

Some churches have found themselves targets of skepticism, particularly after Independence Day stunts that received media attention.
Your Faith
Movies show that Hollywood has real flair for saying its goodbyes

I've always had a hard time with goodbyes. There's something about separating, and acknowledging that separation, that I've always found sharp and painful.
Steven Uhles
Where's respect for video games?

I am among the first of the video-game generation, the eldest of the button-mashing many who grew up in the digital age.
Steven Uhles
NASCAR Newsmaker: Kyle Petty

Kyle Petty has been part of the NASCAR scene since he was born. His grandfather, Lee Petty, won the first Daytona 500 and his father, Richard Petty, is the sport's all-time winner with 200 victories.
Novel still notorious at home

Three things from Augusta are part of the national consciousness - the Masters Tournament, James Brown's legacy and Tobacco Road.
Metro | Augusta State University
Top movies from 1940s ran the gamut of genres

Last week, I began my campaign to catalog the top 10 films of each decade of the sound era with favorites from the 1930s. That was tough. The 1940s, as it turns out, was tougher.
Steven Uhles
If we were meant to fly, we'd all have landing gear

Humans fly too much, and it took a volcano to stop us.
Metro | Glynn Moore | Glynn Moore
Movies that prick the powerful have been Hollywood staples

For a big-bucks business always eyeing the bottom line, Hollywood surely does have a thing for sticking it to the man.
Steven Uhles
Not all good novelists can become good playwrights

The cerebral equivalent of a marathon run, writing a novel is time consuming, mentally and emotionally challenging, and an unparalleled exercise in focus.
Steven Uhles