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A top Catholic scholar's end-of-life conclusions about the Gospel of John a new and important book, "An Introduction to the Gospel of John" (Doubleday), edited by the Rev. Francis J...were only theories and scholars should "deal with the Gospel of John as it now stands, for that is the only form that...
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...House of Sand and Fog and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre TUESDAY: Cheaper by the Dozen, The Matrix Revolutions, and The Gospel of John APRIL 13: She's Out of Control APRIL 20: The Haunted Mansion, Kill Bill: Vol. 1 and Master and Commander...
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Local church spreads the Gospel

...Antioch's basement print shop, specifically the 100,000 Gospel tracts in English and another 15,000 copies of the Gospel of John and Paul's Letter to the Romans in Sesotho, an African language. The 80-member church has published 12 million...
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...Gospel according to Matthew. Holy Trinity will have agape vespers at noon on Sunday. The church will read from the Gospel of John in various languages, including Arabic, English, French and Greek. While the Western Christian church observed...
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Thousands hear message at Winter Jam 2012

...which asks people to stand to indicate a response to the Gospel message.At each concert, thousands of copies of the Gospel of John are distributed, and youths have the opportunity to sign up for text messages urging them to read the Bible and...
Another Jesus film raises Jewish issue

...gory treatment of Jesus' death will rouse anti-Semitism. By contrast, there's no advance acrimony surrounding The Gospel of John, which premieres at the Toronto International Film Festival on Thursday - a symbolically chosen Sept. 11. John...
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Consider giving a notable religious book for the holidays

...alphabetically by author: -Raymond Brown: "An Introduction to the Gospel of John" (Doubleday). America's most influential Roman Catholic Bible...that undermine her theory about a long-lost Gnostic text preceding the Gospel of John.
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Museum exhibit examines history of the Holy Bible

...that boasts artifacts as rare and priceless as they come, among them bits of the Dead Sea Scrolls, a fragment of the Gospel of John dating to about 250 A.D., a 1455 Gutenberg Bible and a first edition of the King James version from 1611. The...
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...Phifer). Not a shred of originality, but the actors are warm and likable. Augusta Exchange, Evans and Masters THE GOSPEL OF JOHN (no rating) Not the greatest movie ever made about the greatest story ever told. Despite fine acting, beautiful...
Amid current controversy, Jewish scholar takes a fresh look at Jesus' life and death

...the fury about Mel Gibson's forthcoming movie on Christ's crucifixion, and the intriguing new feature film "The Gospel of John" (which has a Jewish producer), all focusing attention on Jewish-Christian differences. So there's timely...
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