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Teen-oriented TV dramas feature emerging artists

NEW YORK - When Casey Stratton was a struggling singer-songwriter a few years ago, he had idealistic notions about artistic integrity. High on his list of what would jeopardize it: licensing his music to television.
'Osbournes' -- mainstream TV?

...starched-to-perfection "Donna Reed Show" sort of way. There is the "Gilmore Girls," a WB show about an unwed mother and her relationship with your estranged parents (on the "Gilmore Girls") or grieving over the death of a loved one (on...
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Networks for fall: Analyze this

...UPN. There's very little help from the fall. The WB introduced five new shows last year. Only the memorable "The Gilmore Girls" and forgettable "Nikki" return. The moment UPN grabbed "Buffy," the spinoff series "Angel" was in trouble...
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'Gilmore Girls' in the 'hood

BURBANK, Calif. - Lauren Graham is looking forward to her character, Lorelai Gilmore, encountering the father of her daughter on this week's (March 1) "Gilmore Girls." This incredibly well-written and well-acted series, set in a quirky Connecticut town, airs at 8 p.m. Thursdays on The WB. "I'm really excited about the character of the father," Graham said. David Sutcliffe guest-stars as Christopher. He appeared briefly last Thursday, and this week's episode will focus on him and how well he connects with Lorelai and their daughter Rory (Alexis Bledel).
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For some teens, spending time with the family is a good thing

...three of us for so long. We have fun together. We're just good friends." Be it shopping together, watching the Gilmore Girls or CNN, going out to dinner or just hanging out at home, Anu and her mom, Shaji, enjoy each other's company...
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At the Movies: 'The Pacifier'

...heads credibly. The filmmakers toss their talented supporting cast to the wolves, particularly Lauren Graham of "The Gilmore Girls," who's forced to amble awkwardly through a vacuous part as a school principal with a romantic interest in Diesel's...
Benjamin McKenzie brings viewers into 'The O.C.'

...his wife supports the family's swank lifestyle. And as Ryan's new "brother," Brody (a recurring role on "The Gilmore Girls") makes nerdiness downright adorable. "He has great comedic timing," McKenzie says. "I compare him to a young...
TV in 2001: Women rule

...there was Lucy. Then along came Mary (Tyler Moore). And Roseanne. Now there's Felicity, Buffy, Moesha, the Gilmore Girls, Sabrina, Dharma, Grace, and Joan (Cusack, not Rivers). There are no hotter characters on cable than "Sex...
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Daily TV highlights for the week

...paparazzi, producing a pic that makes the papers and puts his wife and his mistress in a really bad mood. THURSDAY "The Gilmore Girls" (8 p.m., WB) When Richard's (Edward Herrmann) mother (Marion Ross) arrives from London and offers Lorelai...
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