3 convicted in fatal 2011 prison stabbing

...put a hit on Wiley because he welshed on a deal to pay for a cellphone battery before he was transferred to Augusta. The gang leaders in the Augusta prison learned of the hit through cell calls and texts between prisons.On Aug. 28, 2011, Wiley...

Trial underway in 2013 Augusta State Medical Prison homicide

...the battery. But Wiley was transferred before he paid, Paine said.Wiley and Denison were friends and both had left the gang Gangster Disciples. On the morning of Aug. 28, 2011, Denison was attacked by inmates wielding shanks, homemade cutting...

Gun ban wouldn't work

...well-informed man, he would know that if guns were totally abolished, criminals still would have guns. Has he not heard of the gang-war era during which zip guns were used extensively? A crude but effective zip gun can be made easily with a piece...

Fee gives funds forever

...are being planned. This fee will exist long after commissioners Marion Williams, Dennis Williams, Bill Lockett and the gang are gone. Their replacements will feel no obligation to use this everlasting fee to direct water into the Savannah River...

'Seinfeld' locales lure fans, not that there's anything wrong with that

...specifically Morningside Heights, to dine at Tom's Restaurant (although fans of the show probably know it best as the gang's hangout, Monk's Cafe). The restaurant's Pepto-pink illuminated "Restaurant" sign served as the exterior...

Michaux: Atlanta Braves' glory days are just about over

...National League championship series. It will run out of reasons to stop spinning in three years when Chipper Jones joins the gang in Cooperstown.Smoltz was the one constant during the entire glorious run from 1991-2005. He was the guy you could...

Nearly 50 indicted in Ga. drug ring

...dealing operation from a Marietta tattoo shop between September 2013 and August 2014. Isaza says the drugs appear to be linked to a street gang, although some of the people who have been indicted are not believed to be affiliated with the gang.

City officials amazed by Albany's riverfront efforts

...Imax theater and the $30 million Flint River quarium, all of which are within a few steps of each other."The rest of the gang is going to be sorry they missed it," said Augusta Commission member Marion Wil liams, the only commissioner to make...

Triple Crown celebration is only beginning

...crowd at Fenway roared when the finish was shown.At Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, a short ride from Belmont, Kool and the Gang's Celebration blared over the sound system when American Pharoah's romp was shown.At the track, many of the 90...

New documentary 'Fresh Dressed' explores hip-hop fashion

...jeans and denim jackets with a name down the side of a leg and original artwork on the back.It touched young people in the gang-plagued Bronx who sewed patches, silver bangles and used cowhide stitching around the armholes of denim jackets after...