The Darkness among winners at the Brit Music Awards

LONDON -- Retro rockers The Darkness won three honors at the Brit Music...Timberlake and Dido each took two. The Darkness, a London-based band, won the...inspired by '70s and '80s rockers. The Darkness' music is a throwback to arena...

Easter miracle pierces darkness

...himself sitting in his home in the darkness of what seems an interminable night when the music of Brahms pierces the darkness:"This sound, which, like all...myself."Styron had dared to face the darkness and lived on because He did.The...

The Darkness to roll into Atlanta

THE BAND: The Darkness WHEN: Today THE VENUE: The Tabernacle, 152 Luckie St., Atlanta COST: The show is sold out, but ticket agencies have them...

God's light dispels the darkness of fear, suffering

...light. And God saw that the light was good, and God separated the light from darkness. God called the light Day and the darkness was called Night." (Genesis 1) From the beginning of time, people have distinguished light and darkness, day and...

Your Faith
'The Darkness' aims to lighten up rock music

NEW YORK -- Retro rockers The Darkness want to lighten up rock music...interview. Critics have compared The Darkness and its act to the fictional '80s...efforts. "Part of the fun with The Darkness is the debate: Can it be fun and...

The light shines in the darkness

...passion until I die."That's what the writer of John meant when he wrote, "The Light shines through the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it."John told us there would be people like Nicky who would test and reject this light...

Hee Young Park leads LPGA Tour event

WILLIAMSBURG, Va. - Hee Young Park topped the leaderboard at 8-under Friday in the darkness-suspended second round of the LPGA Tour's Kingsmill Championship.The South Korean player, fighting a lingering wrist injury...

Headlight violations difficult to enforce, officers say

...were bright enough to blur my vision temporarily," he said. "It took me a couple of seconds to refocus my eyes to the darkness. Now I find myself looking at all the cars when it gets dark to see if they're too bright."Others in law enforcement...

We are charged with protecting God's creation

...need the day to work (in the beginning to hunt and gather) and the night for rest, while many other creatures needed the darkness to hunt and the day to rest.God has created a wonderful place for us to live out our days. As we are reminded by...

Days of night

...be dark in Liberia tonight. Really dark. As dark as the darkness in Genesis, where the light is called Day, with a capital D, and the darkness is called Night, with a capital N. Dark. It has been...