MOX contractor report disputes Energy Department cost estimates, analysis of plutonium disposition

...downblending, was estimated at $17.2 billion.The contractor faulted Aerospace Corp., a federally-funded research...estimates and incorrect analysis of construction risks. The contractor's report was prepared by High Bridge Associates...

Contractor reports $3,000 in appliances stolen from new house in Hephzibah

...found a $2,000 stainless steel refrigerator and $1,000 stove, each made by GE, missing from the kitchen.The contractor told police that when arrived at residence about 9 a.m. he found the garage door and entrance to the house open...

U.S. Energy Secretary calls for $1 billion annually for MOX program at Savannah River Site

...estimate drops to $47.5 billion when funded at $500 million annually. The report's accuracy was questioned by the contractor, Republican politicians and nuclear proponents.Total costs will continue to escalate if the program is not fully...

Plant Vogtle expansion delayed 18 months

The contractor consortium building two nuclear reactors...the company said in its filing that the contractor should be responsible for costs incurred...Georgia Power does not believe that the contractor's revised forecast reflects all efforts...

A skewed study?

...finishing and operating the 60-percent completed facility will cost $47.5 billion ? about four times higher than the contractor's current estimate.We'd put more stock in the study if not for this administration's history of manipulating...

Savannah River Remediation awarded contract extension

...Savannah River Reme diation is led by URS Corp. in partnership with Bechtel National, CH2M Hill and Babcock & Wilcox. The contractor received 95 percent, or $26.8 million, of the available award fee for its fiscal 2014 performance review.

Former commissioner unlikely to sway panel on stormwater fee

...and is an extension?" Williams asked. "So was the contractor who won the bid automatically have a two-year contract...include the option if things aren't going great with the contractor we have the ability to re-compete, but in this...

Dredging of Savannah harbor won't start until December

...might start, Bostick consulted his local project leaders and said the soonest would be December. That's because the contractor plans to use large hopper dredges, which the Corps has agreed to keep out of the river channel until late fall to...

Regulators: More delays possible for Plant Vogtle reactors

...billion.Georgia Power recently acknowledged its contractor had missed several deadlines in the latest schedule."The contractor expects to and has committed to recover the schedule, as all construction projects must do from time to time...

MOX facility contractor requests construction extension for work at Savannah River Site

The contractor of the mixed-oxide fuel fabrication facility at Savannah River Site...MOX Services' current construction permit expires March 30, 2015. The contractor made the request to extend the permit to 2025 in a May 12 letter that...