Cardinals' Jonathan Dwyer, a former Georgia Tech standout, arrested on assault charges

...husband-and-wife team that owns the NHL Buffalo Sabres had its NFL-record $1.4 billion purchase agreement to buy the Bills approved unanimously by the league's finance committee on Wednesday.

May it never fail

...is precious little in the Constitution and its amendments that truly is out of date. Of the 10 amendments that make up the Bill of Rights, only the Third Amendment ? which prescribes how soldiers are to be quartered in private homes ? is hopelessly...

Retired colonel from Evans fought for Medal of Honor recipient Bennie Adkins

...that prompted Rogers to help shepherd legislation through Congress to waive the time requirement.With the passage of the bill on Oct. 28, 2013, the president was authorized to add Adkins and at least eight other veterans to the list of the 3...

Rants & Raves

...blaming the Republicans for not passing immigration bills. He neglects to tell the public that the reason for this is that the bill the Senate has presented has no provision to completely secure the border and it also gives pretty much blanket amnesty...

Buffalo Bills to be sold to Sabres owners

...NFL's 31 owners, which is expected to come at league meetings on Oct. 8. Though the sale price was not revealed, the Bills said the Pegulas will be the sole owners.Wilson's widow, Mary Wilson, credited the Pegulas for their commitment...

Millage rates not complete picture of tax burden

...the median home value is $168,700, residents pay a median tax bill of $1,466, according to tax-rates.org. The bill is nearly 2 percent of a taxpayer's annual income.In Columbus-Muscogee, where tax rates are higher and the median...

Few women in construction; recruiting efforts rise

...egregious behavior.If young women considering a construction career are in search of a role model, Holley Thomas might fit the bill.She took up welding at a community college in Alabama, landed a job in 2009 with construction giant KBR Inc., and...

Joan Rivers dead at 81

...self-described "fatty," but it was humor that paid the bills and ultimately made Rivers a star. She refused to cede...dream of being an actress, but comedy was a way to pay the bills while she auditioned for dramatic roles. "Somebody said...

Schools advocate and community activist Monique Braswell withdraws from school board race

...over the opposition of local school boards.She held community meetings to discuss the issue and lectured parents about the bill at community meetings and events, often speaking up about issues when other people were afraid to, said school board...

The biggest bailout

...the "ObamaCare Bailout Prevention Act," which would eliminate the ACA provisions allowing for tax-funded bailouts. The bill never went anywhere in the Democrat-controlled Senate.Then in April, memos revealed that top White House adviser...