Richard Petty has idea on how to bring more competition back into NASCAR

...it's a lot of expense for us to go through it," Petty said. "Right now we're just band-aiding the thing and all the Band-Aids are not helping anything. Every once in a while they make a change that's going to help, but we've not seen...

Music by Turner: 'School's Out' is one anthem everyone hums these days

...guitarist, the late Glen Buxton, had written the opening Chuck Berry-inspired guitar riff several year's earlier, but the band had yet to find a musical vehicle for it's exuberant two-note hook. The lyrics of School's Out were ideal in conveying...

Rants & Raves

...head in our society? They were not on any other president's watch, only his. Could it be that he is merely taking the Band-Aid off of the cancer that was never treated and healed? THE GAS STATION on Martintown Road in North Augusta provides...

Pop Rocks: New music pickings planned for inaugural Mayapple festival

...the experience. For instance, at the recent Shaky Knees Festival, I talked to people who, while perhaps not a fan of the band's later work, insisted that Wilco is a must-see act.The second group of people take a more educational approach...

Rhiannon Giddens doesn't see genres, just music

...previously unreleased lyrics written by Bob Dylan during the time he was recording what became The Basement Tapes with The Band.It proved to have its challenges, considering five bandleaders had to agree on how the songs would sound and who played...

Greensky Bluegrass to play many genres at Aiken Bluegrass Festival

...the predominant ingredient in the group's songs.But the band also brings a good bit of rock in its song-centric approach...and rhythm as they are bluegrass. A good example from the band's newly released album If Sorrows Swim is Wings For Wheel...

Rants & Raves

...in the attacks on our president and in the incidents with police, to name a few. It will not get better until we take the Band-Aid of political correctness off of this huge cancer, that we will not have an honest dialogue.

Fogerty recreates music phenomenon of 1969

...Fogerty considers a high point for the band."It was my favorite album of the...brother, guitarist Tom Fogerty, left the band during recording of the group's...Doug Clifford split up, bringing the band to an end.But the release of six...

Ramblin' Rhodes: 'Doug Flowers and Friends' features the South's best

...at the Riverwalk Amphitheater long before she won a Grammy Award.For many years, Flowers toured the South as part of the band Avalanche. He was an original member of The Little Roy and Lizzy Show, and in 2012 joined up with country and bluegrass...

Ramblin' Rhodes: Musical homecoming weekend filled with family ties

...Sheffield, Ala. He worked at the hospital during the week and toured the Southeast on weekends in the mid-1960s with the band, The Esquires.It was a former hospital patient who led Sledge to recording producer Quin Ivy, and that led Sledge...