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Empty Stocking Fund raises almost $114,000

The Augusta Chronicle's Empty Stocking Fund raised $113,962.39 this holiday season, helping almost a thousand families, caregivers and children across the region have a better Christmas.
Empty Stocking Fund

A Dearing mother of three is struggling to keep food on the table.
Empty Stocking Fund: Parents' health issues threaten kids' Christmas

An Augusta father and mother have lost time on the job because both have faced recent health challenges.
Empty Stocking Fund: Family coping with sick child

An Augusta family is coping with a child's illness this Christmas and past bills.
Empty Stocking Fund: Mother struggles with medical bills

An Augusta mother of four, now divorced, is trying to pay bills and find a Christmas for her children despite a problem pregnancy and the discovery of tumors.
Empty Stocking Fund: Augusta mother asks for Christmas help

A local mother hopes for a little bit of Christmas for her children this holiday.
Empty Stocking Fund: Family struggling with father's loss of job

An Augusta father lost his job in October and now his family is struggling to make ends meet.
Empty Stocking: Thomson mother needs Christmas help

A mother in Thomson now separated from her husband is trying to finish college while caring for two young daughters.
Let's fill some stockings

We extend a hearty thank-you to everyone who has given before, and sincere thanks in advance to those of you who will.
Empty Stocking Fund need: Mother and her 4 children seek help after house fire

A house fire has destroyed almost all the possessions of an Augusta mother and her four children.