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It's click, not clip, to save with Groupon

SAN FRANCISCO -- From karaoke to kickball, some things just don't work without a group of people. A startup wants to add one more to that list: Online bargain hunting.
Artist gets her inspiration from Aiken landscapes, her hounds

Painting is an integral part of Bea Kuhlke's life. "It's the way I react to being alive," she said. "If in a day I haven't been in the studio, I feel I've wasted time."
Struggling town is banking on American Gothic revival

ELDON, Iowa - The perfectly arched and cross-paned gothic window is everywhere.
Life & style
Art museums retiring the 'Do not touch' signs

NEW YORK - It used to be that children didn't feel welcome in the hallowed halls of the country's best art museums. And they probably weren't.
Art Institute of Chicago features African ceramics

CHICAGO - There's a special exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago, but don't look for the bright hues of the French impressionism for which the museum is famous; the colors of these works are the muted earth tones of African mud and clay.
'American Gothic' painting turns 75

ELDON, Iowa - Just before the photographer counts three, John Bruce and his wife, Jennifer, glance over their shoulders, a final check on their alignment with the white farmhouse behind them and its unmistakable second-story window.
Whitney museum renews expansion plans

NEW YORK -- The Whitney Museum of American Art has renewed its plans for a $200 million expansion, interviewing new architects including Italian designer Renzo Piano.
Exhibit immerses viewers in Manet's lesser-known seascapes

PHILADELPHIA -- Edouard Manet's attraction to the sea lured him to the sailors' life at age 16, when he traveled from his native France to Rio de Janeiro and aspired to become a naval officer.
Images of the sea create fascinating new exhibition

CHICAGO -- What color is the sea? What does a breaking wave really look like?
Retired physician gives Art Institute 31 works

CHICAGO -- When his art collection got too big for the walls of his downtown home, Dr. Martin L. Gecht decided the Art Institute of Chicago should have some of it.