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Save the fight for the terrorists

There's probably a Taliban warlord somewhere deep in Afghanistan laughing at the American news feed being delivered through his primitive Internet connection.He's not only giddy about being on the winning side of a lopsided...
Foreign policy follies

...You have to scare the bad guys to keep them in check."You won't see such weighty issues explored in many of the American news media. They're too busy worrying about how Mr. Romney looks ? and how Mr. Obama comes out on election day.
Earthquake in the Mideast

...governments will be friendly to the West.How can we be sure we're not just financing radical Islam?And while the American news media are ignoring it, Iran's first nuclear plant just went online on Obama's watch.As for undercutting Israel...
Even Muslims oppose this mosque

The truth is, most Arabs outside the United States agree with the American people, and not the national news media.
We can handle it

The American news media seem to think it's verboten to show images of the Twin Towers getting hit and collapsing seven years ago today. Think...
Our first war in space?

Did you know there was a war being fought in Estonia - possibly by Russia?
Right under their noses

If the American news media could drop their focus on how bad America is for just a while, they just might be able to produce some chilling investigative...
History in the making

When will the American news media ever get it? Or is it that they simply don't want to get it? In most media outlets, reports of the Iraqi parliamentary...
Why can't they see this?

What is it with the American news media? Why did we see stacks and stacks of articles, and endure hours of televised debate and angst, over U.N. Ambassador...