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David Frost is back on PBS with a global comedy special

NEW YORK -- In this age of cable news, viewers around the world can watch the same TV coverage of breaking events. Now maybe it's time for topical satire with similar global reach, so everyone who follows the news can also laugh at it together.
The good news was 24 hours of kindness

IN JANUARY 1994, Monday nights at 9:30 on NBC became the place to be for biting political satire. Nancy Ames sang the headlines to start the show. Tom Lehrer wrote many of the songs. David Frost, Alan Alda and Henry Morgan told us That Was the Week That Was. We have been living through several weeks that "was" and we fervently hope never are again. Tornadoes devastated communities in widely scattered areas. Teen-age gunmen devastated lives in Colorado. Babies in California died when a maniac decided to kill innocents. Innocence has been a definite casualty lately.
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