States extend tax breaks to data centers

...consumers shop online, stream a movie or tap an app on their smartphones, they make use of a highly secured data center that stores and processes vast quantities of information in long rows of computer servers and hard drives.Firms such as Apple...

Anchor Prices and You

...real basis for thinking that the $19.99 earbuds are truly better than the $11.99 earbuds. I'm simply trusting that store to price the "better" earbuds at a higher price and the "worse" earbuds at a lower price. Yet, my life experience...

Kellogg's US breakfast business shrinks again

...Bryant said cereal sales were probably "down a little bit."Paul Norman, president of Kellogg North America, noted that store scanner data shows cereal consumption trends are flat, however, and that Kellogg's biggest brands are in line with...

Americans getting new credit cards with chips

...replacing tens of millions of old magnetic strip credit and debit cards with new cards that are equipped with computer chips that store account data more securely.By autumn, millions of Americans will have made the switch from the old magnetic strip...

Suspect named in DC murder mystery

...Thursday morning at a Domino's about 2 miles from the house confirmed that the pizza had been delivered there from that store but directed further questions to a company spokesman, who did not immediately return a message. Following the release...

Rants & Raves

...Wal-Mart grocery on South Belair Road? Sure, it's a crowded road, but it doesn't seem to have increased because of that store. THE COP IN TEXAS might have gone a little far; however, they were responding to a violent incident (fighting) and...

Abercrombie & Fitch ditches beefcake models, racy ads

...The New Albany, Ohio-based company, which operates stores under its namesake brand and Hollister, announced Friday that store associates will not be hired "based on body type or physical attractiveness" and it will no longer call them "models...

Lower gas prices fuel convenience store sales

...Sprint station was $1.95 per gallon."When you drive down the road and you see even a teeny difference, you go into that store," said Hartman, who was pouring a cup of coffee at the Sprint store in Clearwater. "I get my coffee. I go and get...

These retailers could use some holiday cheer

...are using information easily available on their smartphones to hold out for ever-better deals. All of that means that stores have had to discount more - and earlier - this holiday shopping season."If you're a retailer on the edge, it's...

Area's second Walmart Neighborhood Market opens in Martinez

...introduced its first Neighborhood Market to metro Augusta in late 2013, with a store on Evans to Locks Road in Martinez. That store is about 6,000 square feet smaller and is inside a former Food Lion.