Changes to the NASCAR schedule might not happen

...No matter what next year's lineup looks like, it's certain to start around Valentine's Day and end a week short of Thanksgiving, making it the longest professional season in team sports.Talk of moving the season-finale away from Miami-Homestead...

Ramblin' Rhodes: 'Get On Up' puts James Brown back in the spotlight

...those low points like we all do. And it wasn't just his music. It was the things he did like those turkey giveaways every Thanksgiving and the toy giveaways every Christmas. ... Yes, anybody else could have used their influence to do the same thing, but...

James Brown | The Augusta Chronicle

...Brown was well known locally for operating a couple of businesses and supporting annual turkey and toy giveaways before the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. His family continues these annual traditions today. Though internationally recognized for his...

Fantasy football- Jive Turkey Team

Over the past several Thanksgivings, we've all seen the network's football broadcasters give out their version of the game's MVP. John Madden used to give...

Other sports
Food historian surveys changes in Thanksgiving tradition

...historian who's studied Thanksgivings as far back as they go...book is "Giving Thanks: Thanksgiving Recipes and History, from...menu. We have a sense of Thanksgiving's being static but people...be known as "The First Thanksgiving." "The only written record...

Recipes add variety to holidays

You've made your "famous" green bean casserole every year for the past 20 Thanksgivings and Christmases. There's turkey in November and ham in December, and never the twain shall meet. Here's the problem: It's...

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Sharon Jones lays claim to Brown's performing legacy

...which kept her off the road from late last May to February.She performed on the Delta Air Lines float in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, had her last chemo treatment on New Year's Eve, released her new album Give The People What They Want, saw...

Twelve Money-Saving Tactics for Disney World

...best times to visit Disney World are in December before Christmas, in January, and in the fall (between Labor Day and Thanksgiving). The crowds are smaller, plus everything you book at Disney World during those times is less expensive. On the other...

Run for your life on forthcoming Thanksgivings

...November is a day of traditions. On Thanksgiving we travel to be with family and friends...And we run! RUNNING ROAD races on Thanksgiving is a tradition that dates back more...with 14,000 participants.Local Thanksgiving Day races in this area include the...

Mousse cake pushes aside the pumpkin pie

...many people, by ditching the turkey a vegetarian Thanksgiving already is messing with tradition. So there's...complement the lighter foods associated with vegetarian Thanksgivings, we decided to come up with a dessert that also...