Kirby: Being happy is easy - just act it out

...MAIL: Eleanor Hampton, of Harlem, sent a very nice letter from New York City, and included a postcard, as well. Thank you, Eleanor.The Pelletiers, of North Augusta, "spent a week in Jordan visiting our son Daniel, who is here with U...

Thanks are in order all around for Thanksgiving

...between cultures in our nation's history.Of course, I'm thankful for all the prayers directed my way this year, so thank you. They have made my life better. To steal a line heard around this time each year, God bless us every one.

Rants & Raves

...but panhandlers and seedy bars. And you want us to have to pay to park for the privilege to experience that mess? No, thank you! RANT FOR THE FIRE department on Alexander Drive. The red light at Washington Road was red and you didn't even slow...

Rants & Raves

...summer the light will come on again. Thank you, Toyota, for having me come to...year for a defect. A BIG RAVE AND A thank you to the two women who paid for my...BJ's Buffet on Saturday morning. Thank you so much, and I will pass this on...

Rants & Raves

...premiums. THIS IS A RAVE for Georgia DOT. Gee, somebody actually cut the grass at Bobby Jones and Wrightsboro Road. Thank you very much. THANK GOD, HALLOWEEN is over. The adults are responsible for this tragedy. It's a disgusting holiday...

Ben Tate is released by Cleveland Browns

...playthree consecutive road games. So the team he called home for 10 of his 15 NFL seasons wanted to give him a proper thank you.Bailey was in the team's complex Tuesday and will spend the remainder of the week in Denver before serving as an honorary...

David Soto

...we'll have everything I'll be in your arms again And my heart will be restored Until then I will continue loving you Thank you for your goodness to me I'll see you in my dreams tonight Ceal

Thanks for saying 'yes'

...who played a role in its passage.Thank you to our school board, who did not...the 2010 failed bond referendum. Thank you to Aiken County residents who served...and PTAs as a voice for education. Thank you to our Aiken County legislative delegation...

Rants & Raves

Comments from readers: REMEMBER THAT this country is better off than it was in 2008. Thank you, Obama; you got this country moving in good shape. Jobs are back; people are at work; no one is hungry. Keep moving forward...

Restaurants, retailers in Augusta offer free or discounted services for veterans

...location. Unless otherwise noted, all offers are good Tuesday.RESTAURANTSAPPLEBEE'S: Free meal from a limited "Thank You" menu; dine-in only, drink and gratuity not includedDENNY'S: Free Build Your Own Grand Slam meal from 5 a.m...