What Is It?

...work truck was considered sporty). It always reminded me of the AMC Marlin because of the similar fastback styling."Thank you for running the What Is It? feature each week; it reminds us of cars we haven't seen for some time."Gerald Byrd...

Rants & Raves

...from the the Children's Miracle Network drive and make their own interesting fundraisers that will draw folks out. THANK YOU TO the woman who gave my husband and me a $100 gift card to Kroger just because he was a Vietnam vet. God bless you...

Lyndsie Brooker

...God and her love for others and honor the Lord by sharing His message of salvation and grace with all who will listen. Thank you to everyone who has loved on our sweet Lyndsie and encouraged her along the way. She felt your love and prayers every...

Puppy helps us see life in a new way

...to lick our faces and ears. Clearly she was saying, "Thank you! I had a real good time."Even though Lexi is little...love, and in that knowing we change for the better.Thank you for listening to my little story about Lexi. In her I...

Just 'no thanks'

...the Augusta Commission's integrity as much as one commissioner intimated, it should have been summarily rejected without equivocation over what the gift was or how much it cost.Honestly, a simple "no thank you" would have sufficed.

Vernell Amos Gray

From the family of Vernell T. Amos Gray: Thank you for your love, kindness and support during our time of sorrow.

Symposium successful

...Akinwuntan and Dr. Susan Fagan ? I applaud, commend and thank you. Your tireless efforts brought a successful first symposium...comprehensive care is a shining light for our community. Thank you for making dementia a priority at GRHealth. We need you...

Augustans extremely kind

...County Public Library guided us to find new family information.Each person we met was a great ambassador for your city. Thank you, Augusta, for welcoming us to the place where our family began!Donna BarnesDetroit

Postcards in from all 50 states, D.C.

...31, which could be the earliest we've ever completed our assignment of getting a postcard from every state and DC.Thank you all!MORE CARDS: Todd, Emily and Mallory Stinchcomb send a card from Niagara Falls where they stopped on the way to...

If you want to see change, check out parking lots

...morning is the best time to find it, glinting in the day's first light."You know, you're cheap," my wife says."Thank you," I respond, "but I prefer to be called a coin collector." YOUR POSTCARDS: Brenda Bell, of North Augusta, says...