Tellers celebrate art by spinning tall tales

...the Morris Museum of Art on Sunday. The Tellers of Two Cities presented Tellabration 2002...instructional videos on the market to help budding tellers hone their performance skills. Peggy...lord in the process. Ms. Williams said tellers' styles vary with their personalities...

Teller's role is changing

...enter a bank, but tellers aren't losing their...decrease in bank teller jobs in Georgia by...350,000 automated teller machines, direct...need for traditional tellers, who have been freed...transactions through their tellers," Mr. Brinson...they usually name a teller." Tamara Toogood...

Across the Southeast

Preacher's wife had overdrawn account SELMER, TENN. - Bank tellers testified Saturday that a preacher's wife accused of murdering her husband with a shotgun was in financial trouble and that their...

Longtime banker moves on

...Leopard started her career in banking, tellers' offices were open only until 2 p.m. The new mother said she took the teller job in 1969 because she wanted to be...History: She started in banking as a teller for Georgia Railroad Bank & Trust in...

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China tries to clean up troubled banks

HAIKOU, China -- Gold letters over the door still spell out the bank's name. Tellers wait on customers and an electronic board overhead flashes foreign currency exchange rates. The only sign of the disaster that...

Aiken bank making changes

...anniversary. As part of a five-year plan, Aiken's oldest banking group updated the company logo, added new automated tellers around the area and began offering special savings accounts aimed at children. It's part of the company's philosophy of...

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Georgia fifth on lightning strike list

...electric channels that carry up to 30 million volts and a heat of 50,000 degrees can be a deadly danger to everyone from bank tellers to golfers. Lightning strikes the Earth 100 times every second. It is estimated that it hits in the United States about 20...

Wachovia closing two branches in South Richmond County

...Washington Road. Drive-in tellers will remain at the Washington...location, but only an automatic teller machine will remain at the...customer inconvenience. One teller, though, has given special...phone there connects with a teller 24-hours a day. With just...

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Martinez bank robbed

...branch office on Fury's Ferry Road. The robber, who was wearing a ski mask but did not show a weapon, demanded money from tellers, said Columbia County Sheriff's Capt. Johnny Whittle. The bandit emptied several cash drawers and left through the front...

Penn & Teller aim to work their brand of magic on Broadway

...That's a major message of Penn Jillette and Teller, who for 40 years have plied their trade...engagement on the Las Vegas strip, Penn & Teller on Broadway is a bag of tricks that range...unveiled only weeks ago.But Penn and Teller aren't out to trick you (they say people...