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Perdue, Kingston lead GOP Senate race, poll says

...candidates, although the percentages differ."It's clear that Perdue's strategic decision to invest in an early television media buy is paying off," said Mark Rountree, president of Landmark Communications, Inc. "His ads have had an impact...
Mosley changes approach

...Mosley pulled on his boxing gloves and performed a sharp, succinct workout for about 20 minutes before fulfilling his television media obligations and leaving. The spectacle was finished in less than an hour. Augusta's Vernon Forrest would have...
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Address vote data mess

...That question needs an answer because Florida Republicans are suing the service on grounds its tabulations led television media to project Gore the Florida winner before polls had closed in the state's Panhandle. That GOP-dominated area...
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Bemoans rigid school punishments

...with the problem for what is was - a simple oversight - it turned into a media event. To make matters worse, the television media had the kids ready to be expelled. The fact that the parents had to plead for their children to stay in school tells...
Notes `metamorphosis' of Bill Clinton

...during his impeachment, but he is getting even. Also, liberal Democrats are the best when it comes to feeding the television media. This medium is like a school of hungry piranhas, it must be fed daily. ... Faber Hance, North Augusta
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Bulldogs report possible violations

...journalism, and his broadcasting teacher arranged for Pollack and Godfrey to attend his announcement in the radio-television media center without the university's knowledge.OHIO STATE: The Columbus Dispatch is reporting that a former football...
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Cancellations dilute pro-am

...Grace Park (9:50), Carin Koch (noon), Betsy King (12:10 p.m.) and Kelly Kuehne (12:30). Local television media will be well represented, with Laurie Ott (television station WRDW), Brad Means and Marlin Williams (television...
NBC buys majority stake in MSNBC from Microsoft

...thinks Microsoft originally invested in MSNBC because the company was predicting a closer convergence of online and television media, which never materialized. Enderle said Microsoft also may have hoped the partnership would make it easier to get...
Dislikes way Disney does business

...own reasons. Their theme parks are simply a waste of time, money and mind. Now that they own a large piece of television media, they have so much more control over what we see and hear, and they will take full advantage of it. Disney is...
Web sites offering vital link to McVeigh trial the trial gets under way. "To the extent that the news media can get information out there, especially the television media, you're going to get a 30-second sound bite," said Oklahoma City lawyer Karen Howick, who led a successful...
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