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TV networks ready for rescheduled McVeigh execution

LOS ANGELES -- Television equipment and coverage plans that were ready for Timothy McVeigh's execution a month ago remain in place for his rescheduled death by injection...
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Tour Championship notes

...who completed his round in 3 hours, 12 minutes. A ruling on the 16th hole, where he hit a wayward drive into television equipment, kept him from an even faster time. "I did ask (PGA Tour commissioner) Tim Finchem to play, but he said he...
Computer manufacturing and services to thrive in 1999

...manufacturing growth includes computer and peripherals, 8.7 percent; circuit boards, 14 percent; radio and television equipment, 10 percent; semiconductors, 10.2 percent, and telecommunications equipment, 6.9 percent. Related services...
Opera diva to return for show

...real expensive to make," said Mr. Byrd. The high production costs are attributed in part to High Definition Television equipment provided by NHK, which will allow PBS to broadcast its first event taking advantage of new digital technology...
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The digital future

...complicating matters, computer-hardware and software companies want to push for new standards to make digital-television equipment similar to personal computers, Mr. Peeler said. He added that he was leery of standards created by companies...
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Competition deflating Goodyear Blimp

...the blimp's sponsor also buy ads for the broadcast. The competition tweaked Goodyear into upgrading its own television equipment and electric light show for night flights, said Mickey Whittman, manager of Goodyear's global airship program...
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