Young star from Mexico, Carlos Ortiz, is making his mark

...Guadalajara Country Club, and she recalls a little boy who loved his golf."He was there every afternoon," Ochoa said in a telephone interview from Mexico City. "I used to see the little kids running around and practicing and playing. He was just a little...

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Kirby: Longing for the good ole days of no call lists

...was ... our house phone number ? the one that was actually being called.I tell you all to warn you that these infernal telephone time-wasters have got a new technology trick in their deceitful little playbook.It's just something else to add to those...

Slaying with Edgefield links remains mystery

...been released.All suspects were placed in the Elbert County Jail, but sheriff s officials failed to immediately return telephone calls on Friday to confirm the suspects remain in jail.During the arrest of Clary and Cann, deputies recovered some property...

Forced to drink toilet water, jailed cop tells judge

...it is up to the Sheriff's Office to decide if he would be sent out of county.Undersheriff Ron Corbett said later in a telephone interview that Williams' allegation was false."If he's drinking out of the toilet, it will be by choice," Corbett...

In fight against fraud, Chase, Wells Fargo are quietly harvesting some callers' voiceprints

...their voice harvesting.NICE confirmed that the memo was genuine. It said the purpose was merely to suggest new language for telephone calls and did not constitute legal advice.Industry observers said that, regardless of the legal issues, few would raise...

Augusta couple seek to expose sexual assault allegations against former Josey band director

...sexy, fine and baby." He would "tell me he would have sex with me" and when Harvey would ask to use the band room's telephone, Smith would put the phone near his groin and try to make her touch him, she said."He's been saying things like he...

Dipping into utility funds went wrong for Augusta before

...other utilities pay in franchise fees, which is the charge for using the city's rights of way. Cable pays 5 percent; telephone, 3 percent; electric, 4 percent; and gas, 3 percent. IT'S A SHAMEFUL THING TO BE SURE: It's amazing how being elected...

Raps telephones in inmate cells

Re the proposed pay telephones in Harlem jail cells: And we wonder how inmates continue to deal drugs while incarcerated! Michael Crapps, Augusta

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4 in 10 US homes are cellphone only, skip landline

ATLANTA - More American households are ditching their old telephones: 4 out of 10 only use cellphones, a government survey shows.That's twice the rate from just five years ago, although the...