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Comments from readers:RANT TO THE POLITICIANS that pass a law to stop telephone solicitations and exempt themselves. Sara Palin called me four times in one day, and she didn't hear a word I said. BOTH PARTIES AND the...
Research charity groups before donating, state offices advises

...time to be reminded to practice diligence and care when donating to those in need.Many people are cautious of telephone solicitations and see other red flags when asked to give to charities, Chew said."People are smart. The majority of people...
Auto-warranty scams are on the rise to an unknown telemarketer. - When considering an extended service contract or accepting any other type of telephone solicitation, insist on getting a contract in which all terms and conditions are clearly explained before signing up or providing...
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Across the area

...Association and then asks for a donation. Sheriff Hunt warned that the association does not raise money through telephone solicitations. Anyone who receives a call such as that should hang up and call Ed Brown at the South Carolina Secretary of...
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Advocates warn of fraudulent charities

...Better Business Bureau offers this advice when you are solicited by police and fire organizations: Be leery of telephone solicitations. Ask for written materials describing the group's programs and finances to find out whether it's legitimate...
Ways available to cut unwanted solicitations

...other direct marketers. The DMA also runs a telephone preference service, which helps decrease the number of telephone solicitations. You can follow the same procedure as with the mail name-removal service, but send the note to Telephone...
Explains how to avoid phone solicitors

...titled "Ask Us," omitted some important information that may be valuable to your readers. In most cases, telephone solicitations are the result of an existing relationship the consumer has established with an organization. In other instances...
Fight back against junk e-mail

...Giving it to someone you don't know is an invitation to have it sold to any mailing list, e-mail list, telephone solicitation list and other form of personal intrusion you can imagine. It's like painting a big red target on your backside...
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Armchair shoppers urged to be careful

...card number only to a reputable firm that you're sure is on the line," added Stephen Brobeck, executive director of the Consumer Federation of America in Washington, D.C. "Never purchase from a cold telephone solicitation."
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Campaign solicitations are maddening

...few years ago, we were blessed with a telephone registry to where we could add our telephone numbers to avoid telephone solicitations. This, in turn, gave us a long-needed respite from all those annoying calls at the most inopportune times...