Alltel plans local business service

...Communications plans to offer local telephone service to business customers in the...wireless and long-distance telephone service in several markets, is following...offers local and long-distance telephone service in Augusta to business customers...

Wireless phone use taking off

...signed up for digital cellular telephone service in December. He runs a lawn-care...same time, he shut off the telephone service to his home. "I didn't need...customers are replacing their home telephone service with wireless communication...

Lines of communication

...Corp. plans to offer local telephone service to residential customers to...cable company, supplies local telephone service to residential customers in...from offering long-distance telephone service. If Alltel and other companies...

Martinez phone service disrupted

Telephone service currently is down for some AT&T customers in Martinez."We recently...our customers in Columbia County along Evans to Locks Road without telephone service," said AT&T spokeswoman Monique McKenzie in an e-mail sent this...

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Cable dials up happier callers

...NEW YORK - Cable TV providers who offer telephone service ranked highest in customer satisfaction...receive their local and long-distance telephone service from one provider. "While telephone service offered by cable companies is relatively...

Poor in S.C. can get phone-service discounts

...purchase monthly land-line telephone service for as little as $1.50 in...provides a 50 percent discount in telephone service installation charges, capped...statewide average for the most basic telephone service is $14.35, Ms. Hipp said...

Consumer arbitration clauses are increasing

...a car, a computer? Signing up for cable TV, telephone service, a credit card, a bank account? Wherever consumers...a credit card, for example, or long-distance telephone service. Millions of Americans are bound by arbitration...

Rate set for AT&T local telephone hookup

...has state regulators' OK to offer competing local telephone service in South Carolina, but the payments to BellSouth...General Telephone, the state's two largest local telephone service providers. Regulators have until March 17 to make...

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Justice Department approves telecommunications merger

...nation's largest provider of wireless, or mobile, telephone service, with about 9 million customers. TCI is the second-largest...give residential customers broader choices for local telephone service and other advanced services and products," Cicconi...

FCC chief questions lack of minority-owned phones, computers

...why blacks and Hispanics are less likely to have telephone service or own a computer than white families. Chairman...Overall, nearly 96 of white households have basic telephone service, while 86 percent of black families and 86.5 percent...

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