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Across the area

...Sheriffs Association is not behind recent fraudulent phone calls soliciting sales, donations and memberships. Telephone sales calls have been made in a number of South Carolina communities. The caller identifies himself as a representative of...
Explains how to avoid phone solicitors

...Non-profit groups and political organizations are exempt from this law. Consumers who wish not to receive telephone sales calls may contact DMA's Telephone Preference Service as mentioned in the news item. This free service deletes consumer...
'Do not call' registry not the answer

...registry, aimed at stopping telemarketers. The people of the United States have demanded a stop to unsolicited telephone-sales calls. I don't like them either, but with this new procedure and the laws behind it and the personnel needed for...
Putting telemarketers on hold

...prohibit telemarketers from blocking their phone numbers from caller ID equipment. Consumers who don't want to get telephone sales calls could add their name to the national list by dialing a toll-free number. Telemarketers would be required to...
Shoot down `Murphy's Law'

A bill that would sharply restrict those irritating telephone sales calls that seemingly always ring at the most inconvenient times, such as in the middle of dinner, probably seems like a great idea...