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Employer summit addresses workplace challenges

...addition to making updates soon to old systems. Butler said they're working on a new job search feature and telephone recordings for claims and appeals.Later in the day, the summit addressed compliance with the Affordable Care Act . Since...
Telephone operators a thing of the past

Last week I wrote about the troubles I have with telephone recordings when trying to call businesses. Live humans seem to be extinct.Phone calls used to be so simple. There were people you could...
Visitors found Carter Sunday school worth the wait

...lately attends her husband's class. The church lists the dates when he will be teaching on its Web site and on a telephone recording, but would-be visitors are cautioned to check a few days ahead to confirm the schedule. The Rev. Ariail also...
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Locals unfazed by jail break

...there's some other trouble at home." Prison officials are conducting an internal investigation including reviewing telephone recordings routinely made when inmates receive or make calls. Mr. Ray has no plan to change security procedures at the prison...
On computers: upgrade or replace that old box?

...on-screen. We weren't logging onto animated Web sites half a world away, or trying to make our computers into telephones, recording studios or fax machines. Even four years ago, these things were pretty exotic and expensive. Today, we expect...
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...pitcher's car failing to stay in a lane on Interstate 275, Hillsborough County Sheriff's officials said in a taped telephone recording. Gooden was charged with knowingly driving with a suspended license, a misdemeanor. He was processed and taken...
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