Pardon Our Mess: Shoes hanging on power line in south Augusta on Doug Barnard Parkway

...said it depends on which line the shoes are on. Power lines tend to be higher up on utility poles, while cable and telephone lines are strung low. He said the company's local office would be sent to the location to identify the responsible party...

Brokers' conflicts can cost investors

...with his broker. He says Sharon Kearney convinced him to hand over $330,000 from 34 years of laying and repairing telephone lines at Pacific Bell. Kearney put that money into a variable annuity. It's a complicated product, and has drawn fire...

FBI charges 14 with Internet gambling conspiracy

...government has charged 14 people with illegally using telephone lines to handle online bets. "Such blatant and widespread...broke a 1961 law making it a crime to use interstate telephone lines for gambling. "The Internet is not an electronic...

XXX Technology
IRS to reduce telephone help hours

...time that taxpayers can get help through toll-free telephone lines next spring, shaving the operating time by three...p.m., local time, through the IRS toll-free telephone lines. IRS statistics show that about 93 percent of calls...

Fast modems

...the service, which would work over ordinary home telephone lines, early this year. Computer users would have to get...getting high-speed data into the home -- specialized telephone lines and cable modems, which use the heavy coaxial cable...

XXX Technology
GTE to offer high-speed links to Internet

...Like other phone companies, GTE of Stamford, Conn., plans to offer customers Internet access over existing copper telephone lines using ADSL -- asymmetric digital subscriber line technology. It offers speeds up to 50 times faster than typical...

XXX Technology
Bell Atlantic to provide high-speed links to Internet

...some customers Internet access over existing copper telephone lines using ADSL -- asymmetric digital subscriber line...modems of 28.8 kilobits per second hooked to regular telephone lines. The service will be available to customers in the...

XXX Technology
Pardon our mess

...line along the road WHO'S RESPONSIBLE: Georgia Power officials confirmed Tuesday that they are responsible for the telephone lines along Washington Road. ACTION PROMISED: Georgia Power official Epressia Stroud sent a crew Tuesday to determine...

Davis seeks veto, hiring and firing, budgeting and other functions added to mayoral powers

...earlier request to double the size of the mayor's budget."I've got a cell phone; I've got an office with five telephone lines; I've got a fax machine," Smith said. "He's the type leader that goes and does something and asks for approval...

Augusta Housing's public-private match fails to materialize

...As far as my numbers, it might be illustrative and very small compared to some of the numbers you've seen. Two telephone lines, $390. Letterheads and envelopes, $200, but actually I go downstairs to the clerk's office and steal her envelopes...