Comic's new album turns tables on telemarketers

...behalf of the Telemarketers With Insomnia...evening sir?" Telemarketer: "Excuse...these poor telemarketers with insomnia...through." Telemarketer: "You're...of these telemarketers get some rest." Telemarketer: "You're...

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Telemarketers force us not to answer phone

...national do-not-call list. Telemarketers claim their First Amendment...have managed to escape the telemarketers' phone calls simply by...rest. Funny, though, telemarketers don't want to talk to...to hang up the minute the telemarketer starts his or her spiel...

Telemarketers will fall silent on 9-11

...sales calls, many of the nation's telemarketers plan to take the day off Wednesday...the day off to its 8,500 outbound telemarketers across the country. For DialAmerica...company's decision to halt outbound calls. Telemarketers make outbound calls to conduct surveys...

Telemarketers had 2012 but can't have 2013

...Every time my phone rings and it's a telemarketer, I raise a fist of fury at the Mayans...history, I firmly believe, as the year telemarketers finally stormed the walls and brought...Click!If you are one of these telemarketers, or hope to be one when you get out...

Telemarketers should welcome do-not-call list

Telemarketers should thank the 50 million households who signed up for the do-not-call list. Those folks probably wouldn't buy if the...

People's rights trump telemarketers'

...argue with your Feb. 19 editorial, "The right to bother us?" The final sentence, "If only the Founders had foreseen telemarketers," was particularly interesting, as they actually did foresee them, in a sense. The Founders came about as close to...

Offers way to squelch irritating telemarketers

Regarding Wallace B. Rogers' March 1 letter, concerning telemarketers' unwanted "siege" on his telephone. He may be interested to know that there is an answer to his problem. If he will visit...

National list would limit telemarketer calls

...a centralized database. Telemarketers would be required to scrub...rule makes it illegal for telemarketers to call you once you've...and 9 p.m., requires telemarketers to tell you it's a sales...Communications Commission prohibit a telemarketer from calling you after you...

Telemarketers struggle to keep their ethnic groups straight

...in some database in some telemarketer's office, Mr. Mei is...from Spanish-speaking telemarketers because of her last name...speaker," she said. Some telemarketers are honing their databases...countries you call." Other telemarketers and list providers will...

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Putting telemarketers on hold

...means just one thing: A telemarketer is calling to offer home...registry and would prohibit telemarketers from blocking their phone...dialing a toll-free number. Telemarketers would be required to update...represents call centers and telemarketers across the country. Supporters...