No FCC action to impose fees on Internet phone services

...Internet service should be regulated as a telecommunications service. Such a finding could require IDT Corp...proposal to regulate Internet telephony as a `telecommunications service' would raise contentious issues," Larry...

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FCC chairman proposes 'net neutrality' rules against fast, slow lanes for Internet users

...federal court.Wheeler's proposal attempts to erase any legal uncertainty by reclassifying the Internet as a telecommunications service and regulating it under the 1934 Communications Act. The plan would apply to both wired service provided by...

Regulators OK 'net neutrality' rules for Internet providers

...hoping to erase the legal ambiguity by no longer classifying the Internet as an "information service" but a "telecommunications service" subject to Title II of the 1934 Communications Act.That would dramatically expand regulators' power over...

FCC won't appeal ruling on Internet neutrality, will propose new rules, chairman says

...agency really wants to stop censorship, discrimination and website blocking, it must reclassify broadband as a telecommunications service," he said in a statement.The revised rules to be proposed by the FCC, as outlined by Wheeler, "would...

Appeals court reverses FCC cable modem decision

...The judges, basing their ruling on a decision in an earlier case, said cable-based broadband also is a "telecommunications service," which would make it subject to the same rules that the phone companies must adhere to - such as allowing...

Investment to expand Powertel

...will manage Eliska's operations, which will expand Powertel's operating area. Powertel offers wireless telecommunications service in 12 states in the Southeast, including Georgia and the Augusta area. The deal with Eliska will add service...

Small election, big implications

...when you realize what the commission does: It regulates the rates we pay for electricity, natural gas and telecommunications service. Who wouldn't have a stake in that? The chance to choose public officials to represent you and your interests...

Questions use of Internet in schools

...criminal and civil penalties for such violations. Another Senate bill, S1619, if enacted, would prohibit telecommunications service from being provided to any elementary or secondary school unless filters are on the computers. I would question...

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Across the area

...Exchange Service official has admitted taking part in a bribery plot involving a $206 million contract for telecommunications service to U.S. military installations in South Korea. Officials say Henry Lee Holloway, 42, of Hamilton, Ga...

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Phone contract has hang-ups

...bidder, headed by the phone company that already controls much of the most profitable aspect of the business - telecommunications service in the state's metro areas. "We as an industry are very concerned about what ultimately is the disposition...