Where's the leadership?

...attempts at diplomacy.It's beyond disappointing to see the commander-in-chief bending over backward to appease and mollify Tehran while giving the brush-off to the head of the region's only democracy ? the very democracy Iranian hardliners have, on...

Appeasement isn't the answer

...and become a "very successful regional power."Obama even said he would not rule out re-opening the U.S. embassy in Tehran ? the same embassy overrun more than 30 years ago by the Islamist radicals who now rule the country with an iron fist.These...

Fight the mad dogs of Tehran

...oppressive, Armageddon-seeking regime in Tehran. And it would help if we would stand with them. So rabid are the mad dogs of Tehran that they're now frothing at the mouth...the jailing of hundreds of others. But Tehran will find it impossible to snuff out critics...

Wet-noodle diplomacy

...possibly warmed the country's relations with the West. But it's obvious Iran doesn't care about peace with the West. What Tehran appears to want is all economic sanctions lifted as a prerequisite to a crossed-finger pledge that it will not pursue nuclear...

Iran's historic grandeur draws Americans back

TEHRAN, Iran -- Inside the Islamic Museum in Tehran, Mimi McLaughlan of Chicago was studiously taking notes...worker. For now, Ms. McLaughlan and her friends, back in Tehran after a 10-city tour, were too delighted by the friendliness...

Things to Do
Women compete in - and watch - Islamic Games

TEHRAN, Iran - The second Women's Islamic Games opened in Tehran on Saturday, giving hundreds of Muslim women banned...and women cyclists at the Chitgar sports complex near Tehran. Faezeh Hashemi, daughter of a former president and...

Other sports
Iranian soccer team to play United States, Mexico

TEHRAN, Iran -- Iran's soccer team will leave...militants seized the U.S. Embassy in Tehran in 1979 and took 52 Americans hostage...visited Iran. The Iranian team will leave Tehran for California on Jan. 5 to prepare for...

Other sports
Take-down diplomacy: Iranians cheer U.S. wrestlers

TEHRAN, Iran -- An Iranian crowd burst into cheers...displayed with honor rather than hatred in Tehran. The U.S. flag, burned and trampled...the most closely watched Americans in Tehran since militant students released U.S...

Other sports
Iran offers plan to end Iraq crisis with U.N.-supervised elections

TEHRAN, Iran -- Iran offered a plan Tuesday to...Minister Kamal Kharrazi announced the plan in Tehran, the official Islamic Republic News Agency...anonymity. "We respect Iran's stand but Tehran usually does not impose its opinions on...

XXX Iraq
When Iran meets US in World Cup, it won't only be a sport

TEHRAN, Iran -- Iran has spent nearly two decades...millions of Iranians danced in the streets of Tehran in a rare scene of jubilation. Since then...militants stormed the U.S. Embassy in Tehran and held 52 Americans hostage for 444 days...

Other sports