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Pilot program teaches parents how to teach their teens driving safety

...Ga. -- In order to reduce crashes among young drivers, a pilot program in Rockdale County has been created for teen-age drivers and their parents, University of Georgia officials said. The Georgia Traffic Injury Prevention Institute has created...
Across Georgia

...reckless driving in the March 28 incident. The officer, who was off duty and not in uniform, allegedly forced the teen-age driver to the ground at gunpoint, handcuffing him, according to the Georgia State Patrol.
Officials prepare for week

...Barnes late last week after he and the Legislature completed work on the flag bill. The first would put new limits on teen-age drivers in 18 metro Atlanta counties, toughen laws against drunken driving and crack down on aggressive driving habits that...
Teens criticize driving plan

...They applauded his proposed midnight curfew for teen-age drivers earlier this week. But in the Aiken High School parking...half as many wrecks as states where the rules for teen-age drivers are more lax. South Carolina has the nation's sixth-highest...
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Across the area

...Medical College of Georgia Hospital, but their injuries were not life threatening, Capt. Morris said. He said the teen-age driver might have to go before a juvenile court judge for the DUI charge. RICHMOND COUNTY 34-year-old man dies in wreck...
Stricter laws suggested for driving teens

...toughening the laws governing teen-age drivers in the wake of several highly...number of crashes involving teen-age drivers in Georgia relative to the the hands of irresponsible teen-age drivers. Ms. Neal said the film will...
Tired teen-agers need more sleep

...and at other times when their body is yearning for a nap. Scientists do not know how many car crashes involving teen-age drivers are sleep-related, but say it clearly is a safety risk that needs serious investigation. "Parents, educators...
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Laws credited with lowering teen traffic deaths 126 last year, the Department of Public Safety reported Tuesday. The number of injuries in crashes involving teen-age drivers also fell, from 38,237 in 1996 to 36,872 last year. The laws that went into effect July 1, 1997, restrict...
Shop around for teen driver's insurance

...parents who know how to shop for car insurance for their teen-age drivers can save money. The most important thing is to shop...Occasional-driver rating. Parents might be able to add their teen-age driver to their own policy if the child will not have his...
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Teens question purpose, value of driving restrictions

...has toughened rules regarding teen-age drivers. Under the new law, Brandy...the metro Atlanta area, of teen-age drivers loaded into cars going at Georgia last year involved teen-age drivers, Mr. Wright says. At least...
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