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...self-defense in the home. The ruling struck down the District of Columbia's 1976 ban on owning handguns. technology Internet addresses soon will be far more varied than just ".com." The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers...
Firefox: an impressive alternative to Internet Explorer

...Why do we need another browser?A. The open-source community is generally upset with Microsoft's lock on technology. Internet Explorer has features that depart from published Web standards, forcing users to rely on that browser to avoid...
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56K modems becoming standard

...install 56K-capable modems and other necessary equipment on their end. But as consumers began adopting the new technology, Internet providers moved to accommodate them. "The one issue that we hear over and over again is that customers want...
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Security concerns grow along with Internet links consumer demand, are moving quickly to combine the best of desktop functionality with the best of Internet technology. Internet Explorer 4.0, the latest version of the browser due to be released within two weeks, will go even further...
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Atlanta looks like a Silicon Valley

...such as IBM. Huntsville, Ala., lures defense technologies. Orlando, Fla., concentrates on laser-based technologies. Internet-based companies cluster around Richmond, Va. Perhaps even more telling than an increase in jobs, Todd said...
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