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Technology keeps car parked if you miss payment

LIMERICK, Pa. - Rashida Redd punched in a six-digit code in her Pontiac Grand Prix and got a new lease on life.
Electronics purchases require advance research

...Mrs. Rooks said. "I can't imagine what you'd do if you had no knowledge of these things," she said. "Technology keeps getting bigger and bigger, your brain ..." "Doesn't," Mr. Rooks finished. Customer confusion isn't the...
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Technology making sluggers out of youth

...more and more are doing it now because of the technology. "And who knows what's going to happen in the future if technology keeps going the way it is going now." Indeed, the aluminum bat has revolutionized the game even at the grass-roots...
Technology not infallible, but neither are we

...dependence keeps growing," said Jon Katz, a technology columnist for Wired magazine. "And our disappointment with technology keeps growing." Still, few are willing to live without it. Pagers and their big brothers, cell phones, have become...
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Shop owner rides out bicycle's downward trend

...its hard to find a bike with fewer than 21 gears. "It's almost like the computer industry," he said. "The technology keeps changing, just not as quickly." Changes to the bicycle business have been highly advantageous for the manufacturers...
Printer quietly becomes standout technology

...somewhat limited supply of art and photography available to download. But its potential is intriguing. Brightcube's technology keeps track of which works are downloaded and printed, so artists can collect proper royalties. Beyond artwork, Brightcube...
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