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Alert systems can be unreliable, study finds

ATHENS --- A study by a Georgia Tech scientist has found that alert systems adopted by many colleges and universities in the wake of last year's Virginia Tech shootings can...
Trees' potential as fuel explored

...additive to gasoline. Demand for the product could rise if gasoline prices continue to escalate, he said. Georgia Tech scientists are working with investor groups in hopes of creating an ethanol refinery in Georgia, and the Forestry Commission's...
The cost of compliance

...will lean toward fewer penalties at first. The chamber has its own study, being conducted independently by Georgia Tech scientists, which could help regulators better understand the local problem. The idea is to distinguish what pollution is being...
Clearing the air

...week. First, a team of Georgia Tech scientists are coming to the Garden City...station at Fort Gordon. The Tech scientists are looking to pinpoint the delay will give Georgia Tech scientists time to do their study and for...
Bees do it - and now experts studying flight have idea how

...American Geophysical Union. This record is the first seismic detection ever of a tornado, according to the Texas Tech scientists. But because only one tornado - a gigantic, nearby one - was picked up in 40 years of monitoring, the researchers...
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Devices will measure pollutants

...can get an idea of the origins of the air you're witnessing at monitoring sites," said Michael Chang, a Georgia Tech scientist. Environmental regulators have cautioned that Augusta, Columbus and Macon flunk new federal Clean Air Act standards...
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Taking on toxins

...of Augusta's air to determine the extent - and the causes - of local pollution. This month, a team of Georgia Tech scientists are camped at Fort Gordon, armed with $1.5 million in sensitive technology that can analyze air coming into Augusta...
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National Zoo proposes 10-year panda lease

...2-year-old pandas as part of a 10-year study on why pandas are not interested in mating while in captivity, said Georgia Tech scientist Rebecca Snyder. In return for the loan, Zoo Atlanta has agreed to raise $11 million for panda research and education...
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