One positive TB reaction at Columbia County elementary school

...chest X-ray and was possibly exposed to TB. He was sent home until he could be further...It has not yet been confirmed that he has TB.As a precautionary measure, the health department provided free TB tests to the boy's classmates, teachers...

TB case reported at Martinez Elementary

...teachers who teach that child to have a TB skin test. We will provide that at the...bus with them urging them to get tested. TB is an infectious disease caused by a bacteria...It's not generally casually shared."The TB bacteria is spread when an infected person...

TB tests for Ga. high school students

...symptoms, but testing will done at both schools as a precaution. Tuberculosis, or TB, is caused by a bacterium that typically attacks the lungs. Health officials say TB is spread through the air, but not through general contact with others, such...

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Tuberculosis tests given to 62 pupils, teachers at Martinez Elementary

...system was informed of the child's possible TB exposure Sept. 18. He was sent home until...testing was precautionary, Carraway said.TB is an infectious disease caused by a bacteria...It's not generally casually shared."The TB bacteria is spread when an infected person...

Two Newnan students test positive for tuberculosis exposure

...testing to determine whether they have latent TB infection.Folden tells WSB-TV that the...get chest x-rays to make sure there is no TB.The testing was done after the Georgia Department...them that one student was suspected of having TB.

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...anyone to suffer from any cancer, but the red paper will not cure cancer. Figure some other way to inform the public. EBOLA, TB AND a respiratory virus that is sweeping our nation's children. All brought in by Third World aliens. Is our government trying...

TB patient ordered to undergo medical treatment at South Carolina facility

...Pearre agreed to begin treatment again and Jolly released him from custody. He was arrested again Thursday after he made an office visit without wearing the protective mask worn to stop the spread of TB, which is an airborne infectious disease.

WHO says world faces possible crisis in untreatable TB

...a third of the countries have a form of TB resistant to multiple drugs. Untreatable...Ivory Coast have so much drug-resistant TB that it threatens to overwhelm local health...tuberculosis," said Dr. Michael Iseman, TB chief at the National Jewish Medical and...

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Experts look for highly contagious strain of TB

...came in contact with. While clusters of TB are not unusual, this one was unique because...certain what made this particular form of TB so virulent. So far, it has not turned...infected, and 22 of them have developed TB. The last was found in early 1997. "This...

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