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Tis the season for tax software, e-filing

...whatever reason, stay with them. But if you're struggling with your own tax return or wasting a lot of time on it, buy tax software." Once your federal and state forms are complete, don't switch off your computer just yet. You may want to consider...
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Search around in looking for trustworthy tax preparer

...will get assistance from a professional tax preparer or tax software when filing their taxes this year. Better Business...percent of Americans enlist the help of a tax preparer or tax software when filing their taxes. Unfortunately, BBB receives...
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Old-fashioned paper returns still the rule

WASHINGTON -- Despite heavy electronic-filing promotion by the IRS and makers of tax software, most of this year's income tax returns will still be stamped and mailed the old-fashioned way. About 87 million of projected...
Free Online Tax Prep Services

...Free File Alliance, a coalition of industry-leading tax software companies, and the Internal Revenue Service. me find a company" tool. After selecting a tax software company, they will be directed to the company's Web...
Penalties, interest add to bill

...people were even aware that they were paying penalties and could take action to prevent penalties in future tax years. TAX SOFTWARE programs generally will figure out whether you have to pay penalties and include that in whatever money might be due...
Higher-income Americans hit hardest by tax changes

...code are only affecting those of us trying to read it," National taxpayer advocate Nina Olson said in an interview. Tax software makes a lot of those complexities invisible to the average taxpayer. As a result, taxpayers might not realize they're...
Many tax credits renewed for 2012 programs or tax guides, before filing returns.More than 90 percent of taxpayers go to a tax preparer or use tax software to file their returns, estimated Jim Buttonow, a 20-year IRS veteran who is now vice president of products for New...
Tax software earns national notice

Success stories about computer companies are rare these days, and they're not too prolific in the Augusta area to begin with.
Tax software tips offered

Efforts are under way to make the IRS friendlier, probably changing its standard approach from "Stick 'Em Up!" to "Stick 'Em Up, Please!" Either way, we still must pay, and tax preparation software counts on that. Three things to consider before you drop $30 to $50 on a tax preparation package: 1. Do I need this thing?
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Tax software offers free filing

...sticking point has been the extra $10 people have to pay for transmission. But this year, the two leading makers of tax software are offering free electronic filing with their programs: Kiplinger's Tax Cut and Turbo Tax. "The reason for the...
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