TaxSlayer to hire 200 for coming tax season

...part-time positions will stop working April 15, 2016.TaxSlayer said it will pay $11 per hour and is looking for candidates with good communication and computer skills. Knowledge of tax preparation and IRS tax law is a plus but not required.

Crowd of candidates grows by two for Georgia House District 122 seat

...and back into our pockets," Lott said, explaining she wanted to work with other legislators to reform state income tax laws.The 44-year-old mother of two said she wanted to continue advancing the state education system and promote technical...

A question worth asking

...intriguing idea, particularly for conservatives and libertarians. It would also force legislators to draft marriage-neutral tax laws.But if Sen. Paul thinks privatizing marriage would effectively annul the Supreme Court's decision on gay marriage, not...

Obama administration offers a second sign-up chance for uninsured people hit with fines

...baseline of care for everybody," she said. "But the marrying of a very complicated medical law with an already confusing tax law has probably not made it as popular as it could be."Jesse Bracewell of Huntsville, Alabama, was uninsured last year...

Poll: Most Americans say their taxes too high, while the wealthy pay too little

...plan to scale back the tax benefits of popular college savings plans, 529 accounts, named after a section in federal tax law. Obama withdrew the proposal after Republicans and some Democrats in Congress opposed it."I think that's a poor idea...

A sense of resignation

...entity being invigorated enough to mount a criminal case.But here's another question: Why even allow this particular tax law to begin with?It takes a heightened level of professional expertise to navigate the often difficult process of determining...

7 steps to consider as you prepare your tax return

...Revenue Service has more details in Publication 525 on IRS.gov.CONSIDER NEW TAXES FOR 2013: Lawmakers mostly kept tax laws unchanged in 2013, but there are a few tweaks that could affect some taxpayers, particularly those who earn more than...

AP Interview: Perdue, Kingston talk taxes

...These are U.S. profits trapped overseas because of our tax laws. We are the only developed country that has a repatriation tax law on foreign profits, and those monies inadvertently get...

Aiken County business owners voice concerns on Capitol Hill

...retailers collect state sales tax at the point a purchase is made. The bill also requires that states simplify their sales tax laws."The cost of implementation and reporting is estimated to exceed our profit, of which we re-invest into inventory...

With Congress unable to decide how to pay for transportation aid, highway projects may suffer

...Obama's four-year, $302 billion plan to shore up the trust fund with savings from proposed changes to corporate tax laws. The White House has said as much as $150 billion could come from its proposal to close corporate loopholes, such...