Dozens of tax law changes affect 2001 returns

...awaiting taxpayers in 2002 as a result of the sweeping tax law enacted last year. In all, the 10-year, $1.35 trillion...Congress and signed by President Bush last June made 441 tax law changes, according to H&R Block Inc. Most will be gradually...

Study: IRS employees steer taxpayers wrong on tax law

...correct answers to just 57 percent of tax law questions asked by Treasury Department...received incorrect responses to their tax law questions. IRS employees provided...an accuracy rate of 67 percent for tax law service is inadequate," he said...

Bush signs tax law aiding manufacturers

...new tax breaks on businesses, farmers and other groups Friday, quietly signing the most sweeping rewrite of corporate tax law in nearly two decades. Announcing the action without fanfare aboard Air Force One, the White House said the new law is...

Obama administration offers a second sign-up chance for uninsured people hit with fines

...baseline of care for everybody," she said. "But the marrying of a very complicated medical law with an already confusing tax law has probably not made it as popular as it could be."Jesse Bracewell of Huntsville, Alabama, was uninsured last year...

Few tax law changes expected for 2004

NEW YORK -- While 2003 brought many tax law changes affecting small businesses, it looks as if 2004 might be quieter - unless the Bush administration and Congress, mindful...

Haley touts change in tax law for real estate

CHARLESTON, S.C. - Gov. Nikki Haley said Monday that a change in the state's tax law will help boost business activity and second-home ownership."What it does is get the real estate market across the state churning...

Tax relief causes grief

...clients ask how to prepare for the many changes in the tax law enacted earlier this year. Much of the Taxpayer Relief...for which tax break. Nearly every provision of the new tax law disqualifies taxpayers making more than a certain income...

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Tax changes coming up next year

WASHINGTON -- In addition to tax law revisions that affected the just-ending 1998 tax year, the following changes for 1999 will take effect New Year's Day...

Georgia aims to collect more tax from online buys

ATLANTA - With changes in the tax law taking effect this month, Georgia intends to begin treating some online retailers the same way it treats those with stores here...

Wealthy protest capital gains cut as unfair

...were so offended by the lack of fairness in last year's tax law that they will donate proceeds from their capital gains...Lapham said 80 wealthy people who will benefit from the 1997 tax law agreed to pledge at least $628,000 to various causes...