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Kill the death tax - permanently

...government. A review of the death tax's recent history explains why it's in such absurd shape. President Bush's 2001 tax cut law began a near-decade-long phase-out of the death tax, until it dies altogether in 2010. But without extension...
Obama, Congress begin 2012 with pipeline fight

...State Department report last summer said the pipeline would create up to 6,000 jobs during construction.The payroll tax cut law gives the Obama administration 60 days to decide whether to allow construction of the pipeline.An "arbitrary deadline...
New tax benefits to take this year

...chore that could save you a bundle if you take advantage of two changes before year's end. The first change is the tax-cut law President Bush and Congress approved in June. The second involves stock market losses and other deductions you can...
Tax rebate? The check's in the mail

...the past year: Be sure to tell the Postal Service so you get this year's tax rebate check that's part of the new tax cut law President Bush will sign Thursday. Make sure you've filled out a Postal Service change-of-address form to insure...