'Tarzan' will be available as a game

...Even before Disney's animated feature "Tarzan" opens in theaters on June 15, one thing...different PC spinoffs for kids. There's a "Tarzan Action Game," $30, for kids 8 and...play as multiple characters, including Tarzan (from boy to man), Jane, Terk the...

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Peabo's not about to yell like Tarzan

...someone else for its latest animated feature, Tarzan. "I'm not sure I like that Tarzan character," said the 48-year-old entertainer...change of heart if Phil Collins' soundtrack to Tarzan wins a Grammy, an Oscar and tops the charts...

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Officers kill escaped tiger of former Tarzan actor

LOXAHATCHEE, Fla. -- A movie actor who once played Tarzan criticized authorities for killing a tiger that escaped from...who developed a soft spot for jungle beasts while playing Tarzan in Spanish-language B-movies in the early 1970s, said he...

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'Tarzan' chimp celebrates 74th birthday

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - Cheeta the chimp, star of a dozen "Tarzan" movies in the 1930s and 1940s, celebrated his 74th birthday with sugar-free cake. Although healthy and active, Cheeta is...

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Child gamers will go ape over new 'Tarzan' title

...play. Well, do I have a game for you! Tarzan, from Disney Interactive for Sony's...disappearing in a cloud of pastel flakes after Tarzan tosses bananas at them or pokes them with...his family. You play first as the young Tarzan, learning the ropes -- er, vines...

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Tarzan 3D (2014)

Opens Friday, May 2, 2014 Synopsis: A teenage boy raised by gorillas in Africa falls for a pretty conservationist following a chance meeting in the jungle, but finds their romance threatened by a menacing Silverback, and a scheming capitalist in search of a new energy source in this animated adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs' classic tale. John Greystoke, Jr. was just a toddler when he accompanied his adventurous mother and father on a journey into Africa in search of a mineral that could revolutionize the energy industry. That trip turns tragic, however, when their helicopter crashes in a race to escape a massive storm, leaving young John the sole survivor. Raised from that day forward by a motherly gorilla named Kala, the boy, now named Tarzan, quickly integrates into the family of primates. But alpha male Silverback Tablat refuses to accept Tarzan's presence, viewing him as a direct threat to the clan. Nearly a decade later, Tarzan encounters beautiful Jane Porter, and begins to long for human contact. When Jane returns to the jungle accompanied by smooth-talking entrepreneur William Clayton a few years later, her relationship with Tarzan is rekindled. But while Clayton has ostensibly come to the jungle to support Jane's conservationist endeavors, he's actually searching for the very same energy source once sought by Tarzan's father, and hopes to turn a tidy profit by exploiting the precious resource. The situation turns critical when Jane recognizes Clayton's true intentions, and the only one who can save her from both the villainous industrialist and the menacing Tablat is the noble Tarzan of the apes. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi Cast: Kellan Lutz Movie Details Play Trailer Buy Tickets Movie Review

Rants & Raves

...SUMMER months, "Trooper Terry" Sams would have an opening show at the Imperial Theatre, and he had prizes to distribute to Tarzan and Jane yellers, and whoever got the most raves got the prizes. He also awarded prizes by admission ticket numbers and would...

Adaptation stays close to character

...Rice Burroughs' 1914 literary classic Tarzan of the Apes already on celluloid, producers of Walt Disney Pictures' new animated Tarzan were skeptical when they began work four...ago. Did the world really need another Tarzan? "You already had an established icon...

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Disney brings the king of the jungle to Broadway

NEW YORK - Tarzan, baby, you've come a long way from the days...and musically lightweight - almost as skimpy as Tarzan's leather loincloth. Weissmuller was a beefy guy, and his Tarzan had a distinct personality, something never quite...

It's a jungle out there

...Loper for the rigors of performing as Tarzan in Disney's Jungle Adventures on Ice...it doesn't seem so bad." Because Tarzan is so famously a vine man, Mr. Loper...things he is always aware of is every Tarzan that has come before him. Although his...