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Jamming cancer's growth signals shows promise

...more than 60 studies with Iressa and a similar drug called Tarceva that is being developed by OSI Pharmaceuticals, Genentech...improve survival. Four large studies are testing Iressa and Tarceva on patients with the most common form of lung cancer, known...
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Big Movers in the Stock Market

...Genentech Inc., up $13.77 at $131.99 (traded on NYSE) Tarceva, a drug developed by OSI, was shown to significantly improve...3.00 at $17.70 Investors interpreted the good news for Tarceva as boosting prospects for this biotech's own cancer drug...
NIH to create map of cancer's genetic makeup its complexity." But the payoff can be huge. A handful of so-called targeted drugs - Herceptin, Gleevec, Iressa, Tarceva - are proving remarkably effective at battling certain cancers in patients with specific faulty genes. That's only a small...
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