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FDA finds corn in deadly dog food was not properly tested

...for the death or illness of about 100 dogs who ate the tainted food. According to a report to be released this week by...least two dogs deaths in Aiken County were linked to the tainted food. At one household in Cherokee County, 13 dogs were...
Study says warnings about tainted food need to be stronger

WASHINGTON -- It was the nation's largest salmonella outbreak. The culprit, contaminated ice cream, was recalled amid headlines about food poisoning. Many consumers dismissed the threat, ate the tainted ice cream -- and got sick. The lesson? Health workers must do a much better job warning the public when they discover tainted foods, doctors reported Wednesday in the first study of how effective recalls of unsafe food truly are.
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Now, it's crucial: Please buy American

...of the things we need in our daily lives. The only reason we are allowing countries such as China to supply us with tainted food and toys is because we can import these items more cheaply than we can produce them here. I am more than willing to...
Across South Carolina

...County sheriff's Capt. Bob Bromage said. An autopsy, including toxicology tests, is scheduled. Woman tries to keep tainted food from pets BEAUFORT - A woman said she was so worried about reports of tainted pet food she spent more than $1,000...
Tips on getting kids interested in gardening

...Vegetable gardens help save money, encourage exercise, deliver fresh flavors to the kitchen and reduce the risks of buying tainted food. Cooking is the logical second step, providing children with another life-long practical skill. With that in mind...
Proposal targets food safety

...requiring food makers to alert state inspectors within 24 hours if a plant's internal tests show its products are tainted. Food safety experts say that the measure, which is now pending in the House, would make Georgia the first state in the...
Stores urged to recheck for recalled items have responded to the contamination. Yet he told lawmakers that he could not rule out the discovery of more tainted food. "We do believe we've got the vast, vast majority off the market," Mr. Sundlof told members of a Senate Appropriations...
Company is indicted over meat

...clients who have been sickened or died after consuming tainted food products, said that, in general, federal prosecutors...who has participated in some of the nation's largest tainted food products cases, including representation of several...
State trying to track tainted chicken

...said state Agriculture Commissioner Tommy Irvin. However, considering the series of health scares this year regarding tainted food, Mr. Irvin felt it was important to alert school systems. In April, Georgia school officials had to hunt down potentially...
Fix this 'ban,' House

...forbids private businesses from creating other types of environmental hazards for customers. Neither polluted water nor tainted food is allowed to be served by restaurants; government tightly controls food handling, food temperatures, kitchen equipment...