Hephzibah High teacher looks forward to new cybersecurity classes

...Harper said. "Students taking this class will get the skills they need to be competitive in that environment. There are also competitions and clubs out there that our kids could enter... All around, it brings a lot to the table."

Actress Betty Lynn transforms from Mount Airy local to Mayberry legend

...legend.On a recent sweltering afternoon, the line snaked out the door as an attendant rolled Lynn's wheelchair up to a small table festooned with pink-and-orange flowers, black Sharpie markers for autographs and a white sign reading: "Mayberry Star...

Verizon workers to stay on job without new contract

...proposals on healthcare benefits, retirement benefits and other subjects.He said the company's proposal remains on the table at this time.Verizon has said a strike would have a "minimal" effect on customers because it has trained thousands of nonunion...

Becky Hammon, other females blaze trail for women coaching in pro sports

...We're not asking the male to get up and leave his seat. We're just saying scoot over a little bit. Make a little room at the table for the ladies."Hammon said she hasn't had a chance to chat with Lieberman yet since she was hired, but the two did talk...

If you want to see change, check out parking lots

...surgeons were discussing who makes the best patients. The first surgeon said, "I like to see accountants on my operating table, because when you open them up, everything inside is numbered."The second responded, "Yeah, but you should try electricians...

Seattle restaurant succeeds with $15 minimum wage

...revenue is up 20 percent, said Donegan, who served on the mayoral committee that drafted the minimum wage law.A few other table-service restaurants have started following suit, and Donegan said he gets inquiries every day from owners wondering how Ivar's...

Bottsford Spring Missionary Baptist Church celebrating 150 years

...It was a grand day, that second Sunday in August."Tables draped with tablecloths were set up on the grounds under...the property."We kids just played around and went table to table and ate until our hearts were content," said Hopson...

Missing persons cases frustrate families, law enforcement

...Tammy Kingery, 37, walked away from her North Augusta home Sept. 20, leaving nothing but a short note on the dining room table that read: "Went for a walk, be back soon. Love you."No one has seen or heard from her since.Her husband, with the...

City Ink: VIPs turn out to honor former sheriff Ronnie Strength

...for his dedication to this county, for his love of this department, it's Sheriff Ronnie Strength."MAKE YOURSELF COMFOR TABLE: "As I look through here, I am so surprised the crowd is so big," Strength said. "I am so sur prised and so humbled...

Chinch bugs can damage St. Augustine lawns

...crawling across the top. If you do not see the bugs, pull up a handful of grass including thatch and runners. Lay it on a table or put it in a plastic bag and see if chinch bugs crawl out. Next, gently pull off leaves to see if bugs are hiding where...