Leadership, in a rudderless world

...moral and military leadership, and lacking unambiguous statements and bold actions by our leaders, we're seeing slaughter in Syria and Ukraine, war between Israel and Hamas, dangerous mass migration by minors in Central America and more.While some here...

Rants & Raves

...RANT TO THE PEOPLE saying we should buy guns and prepare for the revolution. Look how well the revolutions have worked out in Syria and Libya. I GROW WEARY OF hearing how we stole this land from the Native Americans. Germanic tribes "stole" the land we...

We should thank Obama

...Without firing a shot or loss of an American soldier, he has rid Syria of chemicals that spew death to all who come in contact.This...civil war; it is a Shiite-Sunni conflict that has spread into Syria and Lebanon, and threatens neighborhood areas such as Turkey...

Obama seeking congressional OK for Syria action

...launching any military action meant to punish Syria for its alleged use of chemical weapons...has argued forcefully is on the line in Syria. Obama long ago said the use of chemical...support his call for military action against Syria.Either way, the developments marked...

Go slowly regarding Syria

...Kerry on five TV talk shows lobbying for an attack on Syria. He said "Syria had violated international norms," and that the...tragic, it would be comic.We need to go slowly in Syria. If Syria violated international norms, let us have...

Fear of US military intervention in Syria sends stocks falling; Gold and oil prices jump

...YORK - Fears of an escalating conflict in Syria rippled across financial markets on Tuesday...costs for consumers and business."If Syria becomes drawn out and becomes a long-term...impact wasn't just in stocks. While Syria itself has little oil, traders feared...

US, Russians reach Syria deal

...Saturday on a framework to secure and destroy Syria's chemical weapons by mid-2014 and...already has rejected three resolutions on Syria, would be sure to veto a U.N. move...It was not immediately clear whether Syria had signed onto the agreement, which requires...

Administration's logic for attacking Syria doesn't hold water

...S. military involvement in reaction to Syria's use of chemical weapons is interesting...eyes of those who want to start a war with Syria. When the Bush administration did the...Chris Matthews said the emergency rooms of Syria will be full of innocent children following...

Amen Corner: Pray and fast for Syria

...Catholics to fast and pray for peace in Syria.WHEN: The Day of Fasting and Prayer...Compassion,Hear the cries of the people of Syria,Bring healing to those suffering from...to those mourning the dead,Strengthen Syria's neighbors in their care and welcome...

We mustn't strike Syria

...cannot afford to send cruise missiles into Syria at $690,000 a shot or fund even a limited...guarantee that a quick, convincing strike on Syria will end with that strike. Radical Muslims...desire to use the U.S. military against Syria.The Rev. Dan WhiteAppling