Kombucha, Synergy drinks are growing in popularity

GT's Kombucha and Synergy, lightly effervescent, slightly vinegary...available, but GT's Kombucha and Synergy (the former is pure kombucha, the...varieties of organic raw kombucha and nine Synergy kombucha and fruit juice blends. First-timers...

Electrolux buoyed by US growth

...acquisition would result in "substantial synergies," but declined to comment on possible layoffs."Most of the synergies are going to be primarily in the sourcing...that's where the vast majority of our synergies are going to come from."Electrolux...

Biotech/cancer synergy

There is a synergy, in Augusta and for Georgia, when it comes to promoting biotechnology and finding new drugs to cure cancer. After all, most...

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Disney, Fox, AOL sour on synergy, put pro teams on market

...sense in the 1990s. The buzzword then was synergy, and the entertainment giant figured...business, and they had trouble with the synergy," said David Brown, president of the...other operations through tie-ins and synergy, they aren't worth it, he said. Long-standing...

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Gospel stars Donnie McClurkin and Fred Hammond to tour after recent operations

...McClurkin will need to encourage each other. "We've both worked so well with each other, because we've built such a great synergy."Sometimes our most broken moments are our best," he said.While they recuperate, McClurkin and Hammond have asked other...

Books with Impact: Early Retirement Extreme

...about both exercising and self-education if I can listen to an insightful audiobook while I'm jogging. That kind of goal synergy makes time feel much more productive. Another interesting insight was his assertion that there is no difference between needs...

Synergy Mall?

...people), "What is the word for 'the whole is greater than the sum of the parts'?" The Oxford people suggested the word is synergy: "the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect...

Energy studies to gain synergy

...and Edgefield counties. "We've finally reached the point with everyone in the state ... where we've developed that synergy of moving everybody along." Mr. Humes also is serving as director of the Center for Hydrogen Research, a $7 million facility...

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'Popstars 2': Another mass of wannabes

...was a big success story for corporate synergy. AOL Time Warner, which owns The WB...kind of audition process. Will corporate synergy lead to another hit group? That's the...singing the sweet melody of corporate synergy. (Dave Mason is television editor of...

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