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Computer users face hard choice: Pay ransom or lose files the past because they're vulnerable, says Liam O'Murchu, a security executive at antivirus software maker Symantec Corp. Symantec and other companies involved in cybersecurity work with the government to try to identify hackers.One...
Microsoft to release paid security offering in June

...Live, the subscription service will compete with security products made by traditional Microsoft partners, including Symantec Corp. and McAfee Inc. - although the software giant insists that its aim is not to run those companies out of business...
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Akamai says impact of Internet attack minimal

...them as big Internet destinations, including sites belonging to Yahoo! Inc., Google Inc., Microsoft Corp., Symantec Corp., FedEx Corp., Apple Computer Inc., AltaVista and Lycos. Akamai spokesman Jeff Young said Tuesday the incident...
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Internet infection holds computer files hostage

...said Oliver Friedrichs, a security manager for Symantec Corp. The company said Tuesday the problem was serious Lurhq Corp.: Symantec Corp.:
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Coalition hopes "spyware" definitions lead to better control of machines

...It's not the end game but it's a great starting point," said Dave Cole, director of product management at Symantec Corp., a member of the coalition that spent three months crafting the terms. "You've got to have a foundation, a...
New Y2K threat: New Year's computer viruses

...night, can activate during all of next year, so computers that are shut down on Jan. 1 are not immune. According to Symantec Corp., an anti-virus software maker, the virus infects Windows computers by using Outlook, a Microsoft e-mail program...
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Your PC at home may have Y2K problems

...personal finance and other date-based transactions that are important to them," says Steve Cullen, vice president at Symantec Corp., which sells a Y2K tester for PCs. Despite warnings, many computers owners haven't yet acted. Steve Thurlow...
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New computer virus crops up

...phrase every time a computer is infected. "Each time the virus spreads, it mutates itself to evade detection," Symantec Corp., another anti-virus software maker, said in a statement from its Cupertino offices. The subject line of an infected...
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Hack attack underscores danger of reusing passwords

...passwords -- they get reused and shared across multiple sites," said Jeff Burstein, a senior product manager with the Symantec Corp. security firm.Despite repeated warnings from security companies, users tend to reuse passwords anyway because...
Bundled utility programs a bargain for users publishers have begun bundling these programs into a kind of software suite. The best example is probably Symantec Corp. Last September, Symantec began bundling Norton Utilities, Norton AntiVirus and Norton CrashGuard, all previously...
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