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A late win, a big engagement and Rory McIlroy is ready to start a new year already can claim a remarkable year based on the very first day. That's when he was on a boat in Sydney Harbor, dropped to a knee and proposed to Wozniacki."I don't think there can be a bigger decision you have to make than...

...Sydney to Hobart race three years in a row. About 80 yachts from around Australia and overseas set sail Tuesday from Sydney harbor on a 723-mile trip down the southeast coast of Australia and across Bass Strait to the island state of Tasmania...
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Calif. teen ends attempt at nonstop global voyage

...own solo unassisted voyage within days.Watson is ahead of schedule on her 23,000 mile journey and could arrive in Sydney Harbor as early as May 2. She is five months older than Sunderland.
New team in tennis: Federer and Roche

...Cartwright during the trophy ceremony. A year ago, Hewitt had just proposed to then girlfriend Kim Clijsters on a Sydney harbor cruise. The pair split up in October. Clijsters was a losing finalist at the Australian Open last year but is not...
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MTV Networks spread influence worldwide

...regular call to prayer for its Islamic audience. MTV Australia films a version of "Total Request Live" from a boat in Sydney Harbor. The theory is to make each channel reflect the local culture, Roedy said. MTV in Japan is very edgy, very tech-oriented...
Olympics notebook

...provided by Sydney organizers, was perfectly punctual. TRIATHLON: The specter of Steven Spielberg hung over the Sydney Harbor as the best of the world's triathletes slipped into the water for their first taste of the Olympic course. The word...
Olympic security chiefs launch Operation Gold

...Golden Flame counter-terrorism program Friday with a mock terrorist situation at the Navy's HMAS Penguin base on Sydney Harbor. Sydney has never been the target of a major terrorist attack and security experts say there's no reason to suggest...
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Kapalua event has big turnover because of the difficulity of winning on the PGA Tour Their tweets included a photo collage of her engagement ring, a photo of them together and fireworks over the Sydney Harbor. MILLER TIME: No other golf announcer gets under a player's skin like Johnny Miller, who has developed his own...
Let's go to the videotape: 'Fire' on NBC's set is fake

...Eastern time (which was 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. in Sydney). So each night, the studio backdrop designed to look like Sydney harbor changed - through the course of the show, the sky went from early evening clarity to late-night darkness. In other...
U.S. finishes fourth in women's triathlon

...the top four exchanging the lead until McMahon and Jones pulled away. Thousands of people lined the streets around Sydney Harbor to watch the grueling competition that includes swimming 1,500 meters, cycling 40 km and running 10,000 meters...